Beaches on Middle Caicos

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All of the beaches of Middle Caicos are located along the north coast.  They range from sands of pink coral, to your typical white sand, and a few are very thin, rocky stretches of beach backed by cliffs that feature tufts of bright tropical greenery.  Most of the beaches on this island are secluded at almost all times, so claiming a stretch of coast as your own is fairly easy to do.

Pick Your Ideal Beach

You will find a small variety of beaches to choose from on the island. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, if some members of your party enjoy this relaxing pastime. Just click on each beach name to read a detailed article concerning that particular location.

Conch Bar West

If you love to snorkel, a beach where that's an option is Lorimers North Beach. Lorimers North Beach can be found at the end of a paved road that branches off Bottle Creek Main Road. As you come up to the beach, you'll notice a patch of grass worn where visitors often park where you can do the same.

Another good option for snorkeling fans is Conch Bar Beach. Conch Bar Beach is accessible by a main roadway, where visitors can find parking before walking a short distance to the beach.

Conch Bar West: Conch Bar West is located on the island of Middle Caicos. It serves as a secluded haven for vacationers who desire a day on a beach that offers quiet refuge from a busy outside world.

The beaches on Middle Caicos are provided in the table below.

Beaches On Middle Caicos
Name Location Coast
Bambarra Beach 0.7 mi. Northwest of Central Bambarra North East
Conch Bar Beach 0.1 mi. Northwest of Central Conch Bar North West
Conch Bar West 1.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Conch Bar North West
Lorimers East Beach 7.9 mi. East of Central Middle Caicos East
Lorimers North Beach 6.8 mi. Northeast of Central Middle Caicos North East

Bear in mind that you can find additional attraction types available too. To read more about other attractions for Middle Caicos, click here.


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