Monte Cristi Attractions

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It is the natural attraction that are most important to the town of Monte Cristi, beginning with the national park, running all the way to the coast, and even underwater where some of the most attractive coral reef are located.  But, that's not all.  There are also important historical landmarks which include a military fort and a history museum.


You will find a small handful of beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Just click on the name of the beach for detailed information about that beach.

Playa Juan de Balanos: While not a particularly pretty beach, Playa Juan de Balanos makes up for its aesthetics with convenience. Located on a main road and just a couple of minutes form the largest city in this part of the Dominican Republic, it is a popular beach to visit.

A second alternative for beach-goers to consider is Los Icacos. With the natural beach, dense forests and wetlands behind it, absolute seclusion, and lack of any development, it is easy to see why eco-tourist find this beach appealing. However, unless you are looking for the absolute natural beach, then the lack of any amenities nearby means this beach may not be the best.

Playa Petit Salina: The only thing to the West of Petit Salina is Monte Cristi, and the only thing north is the Caribbean Sea. Anyone seeking to enjoy these secluded shores will need to traverse dirt roads north as north as they will go.

Needless to say, you'll find some other beaches in and around the area. To visit our detailed guide to beaches, go to this article.


If you like to explore other places and cultures, you might enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation in Monte Cristi.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Museo de Montecristi. It is located in Monte Cristi. When visiting the Museo de Montecristi, visitors will gain a glimpse into a culture that has for the most part been destroyed through European Colonization. The relics and artifacts tell stories and the history of the people, and the museum will guide you through how to read that story from some of the uncovered artifacts.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is House Of Generalisimo Maximo Gomez. It is located within the heart of Monte Cristi. Visitors to the museum will be able to explore a variety of exhibits that feature many artifacts and memorabilia from Gomzez's history. These includes some of the flags he fought under, personal affects, as well as statues and busts.

The table just below lists a few details concerning some museums you might enjoy in Monte Cristi.

Museums In Monte Cristi
Name Phone Location
House Of Generalisimo Maximo Gomez (809) 579-2474 Central Monte Cristi
Museo de Montecristi (809) 579-2832 0.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Monte Cristi

Historical Sites

Like exploring the history of places you visit? If that's the case, you might enjoy visiting a historical site during your time in Monte Cristi.

Villa Dona Emilia is a historical site The Villa of Dona Emilia was the house of the wealthy Dona Emilia. Dona Emilia exported trees that were used to make hair dye in Europe, a very sought after resource.

Historic Sites In Monte Cristi
Name Type Phone Location Island
Villa Dona Emilia Historical Site -- 0.5 mi. Northwest of Central Monte Cristi the Dominican Republic

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors will experience some other worthwhile places worth visiting in Monte Cristi.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Monte Cristi
Name Type Location Island
El Monumento de la Reina del Mar Monument 1.5 mi. West-Northwest of Central Monte Cristi the Dominican Republic


Visitors can spend some time in a couple of parks in and around Monte Cristi.

The parks worth looking into are displayed here:

Parks In and Around Monte Cristi
Name Type Location
Monte Cristi National Park Park 5.8 mi. South West of Central Monte Cristi
Parque de Reloj Park 0.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Monte Cristi

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