Monte Cristi Transportation

Don't worry about transportation options in Monte Cristi

An affluent community close to the Haitian border, Monte Cristi is not necessarily a top destination among tourists.  Those who do travel here find eco-tourism sparks their interests when exploring Montecristi Fort isn't keeping them busy.  No matter what your plans for activities and sightseeing, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get all of your transportation options in order before you go.

Air Travel

Getting to Monte Cristi from any airport on the island will take a bit of ground travel, so your best solution is just to book a flight that is most convenient to you. The Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao (STI) in Santiago De Los Caballeros and the Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP) in Puerto Plata are the two closest, and visitors can take a bus from either location to town on a trip that will take about two hours.


After sailing, typically from Florida, and down through often strenuous conditions, the nearby port of Luperon is a welcome retreat.  Because it is sheltered, sailing is easy here, and customs and immigrations officials make the process of gaining clearance a breeze.  After you've obtained legal entry, you'll be free to sail west to Monte Cristi, where there are a handful of anchorages to choose from. 


At this point in time, it simply is not feasible to plan a day trip from any of the cruise ports on the island.  Even when the new terminal opens in Puerto Plata, the journey will take about two hours, which means you'll spend four hours of your day on a bus.  Perhaps in the future a cruise port will open closer to Monte Cristi, but for now, tourists will have to resign themselves to finding other ways to reach this town. 

Rental Cars

The town center of Monte Cristi is so small that most tourists choose to get around on foot.  If you do decide you'd like to rent a car, perhaps to explore the nearby forest, you'll need to look outside of town for your rental because there are no rental agencies directly in Monte Cristi.  Find out where to go to rent a car by clicking here


While you may see a typical taxi driving down the streets of Monte Cristi on occasion, the much more common transportation option is to hail a motoconcho.  Motoconchos are motorcycles operating as a taxi service, and the drivers can typically fit as many people on their bike as would fit in a cab.  Do be warned, helmets are not available for these rides, and the drivers are known for their speedy nature.  The major selling point is that rides only cost $0.50(USD) per person.  Find out more here


Because Monte Cristi is such a small town, a public bus system really isn't necessary.  What you will find is that Monte Cristi can be reaches from Santo Domingo and Santiago by luxury bus at least once a day.  The trip can take anywhere from two to five hours, but the prices are low and the ride is comfortable.

Perhaps as Monte Cristi continues to grow in popularity as a tourist hot spot, the options for transportation will develop as well.  For now, you'll find making decisions about getting to and around the town is fairly easy thanks to the minimal amount of choices available. 


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