Montego Bay Buses

Because renting a car in Jamaica is not recommended, knowing what transportation options are available to you when you visit Montego Bay is important.  Buses are just one of those options.

At between $1 and $(USD) a trip, buses are without a doubt the least expensive transportation option in Montego Bay, and serve as a great alternative to taxis for those who prefer to avoid renting a car. The municipal bus, known as the Montego Bay Metro, has three routes, all leading to the city center, and beginning in Greenwood, Sandy Bay, or Cambridge. Buses are often crowded and lacking in air conditioning, plus they only accept local currency and rarely make change.

Mini buses are also popular here, offering transportation from Montego Bay to other major cities on the island. The Knutsford Express Kingston, for example, travels between Montego Bay and New Kingston, making stops in Falmouth, Negril, and Ocho Rios.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Montego Bay Metro Eastbound Route Montego Bay Bus Terminal Mahee Bay Bus Stop, Rose Hall Bus Stop Greenwood Bus Stop
Montego Bay Southbound Route Montego Bay Bus Terminal Reading Bus Stop, Wiltshire Bus Stop, Mount Carey Bus Stop, Montpeller Bus Stop Cambridge Bus Stop
Montego Bay Metro Westbound Route Montego Bay Bus Terminal Reading Bus Stop, Hopewell Bus Stop Sandy Bay Bus Stop
Knutsford Express Main Route Montego Bay Knutsford Express Terminal Knutsford Express Falmouth Terminal, Knutsford Express Ocho Rios Terminal Knutsford Express Kingston Terminal

They may be slightly unreliable, and they will certainly be crowded, but the buses in Montego Bay do have their merits.  If you're looking for a true cultural experience that allows you to save money and avoid renting a car, this is the choice for you.


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