Map of Attractions Near Richmond Hill

1 | Mahee Bay Beach


From Richmond Hill, head just 3.6 miles (5.8 km) to the northeast to locate this beach.

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2 | RIU Montego Bay Game Room

(876) 940-8010 | Slot Machine Arcade

Visitors will be able to find this slot machine arcade at Hotel Riu Montego Bay, about 390 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Mahee Bay Beach.

3 | Island Routes Tours at Sandals Royal Plantation

(876) 953-2231 | Excursions and Sightseeing Service

This excursions and sightseeing service is situated about 80 yards (less than a quarter kilometer) from RIU Montego Bay Game Room, and is on the beach.

4 | SuperClubs Golf Club Montego B

(876) 953-3681 | Golf Course

This golf course is located less than a mile away from Island Routes Tours at Sandals Royal Plantation, and is within traveling distance of Montego Bay.

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5 | Holiday Inn Sunspree Casino

(876) 953-2485 | Slot Machine Arcade

Travel five miles (eight kilometers) northeast from Richmond Hill to get to this slot machine arcade, which is located within Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay.

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6 | Fern Tree Spa

(876) 953-2211 | Spa

Guests will find this spa within driving range of Montego Bay, only 0.6 miles (0.9 km) from Holiday Inn Sunspree Casino.


7 | Half Moon Golf Course

(888) 830-5974 | Eclectic

Go six miles (nine and a half kilometers) northeast from Richmond Hill to reach this golf course, which is located at Half Moon Club.

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8 | Rose Hall Beach Club


This beach is only 0.3 miles (0.5 km) north-northeast of Half Moon Golf Course.

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9 | White Witch

(876) 684-0174 | Golf Course

Guests will be able to find this golf course at Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall, 6.5 miles (10.5 km) to the east-northeast of Richmond Hill.

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10 | Rose Hall Plantation

(876) 953-2323 | Historical Site

Make your way a half mile (a kilometer) to the north-northeast from White Witch Course to reach this historical site, which is located on the eastern edge of Rose Hall.

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11 | Golf Beach


From Rose Hall Plantation, make your way north-northeast for just 0.5 miles (0.9 km) to reach this beach.

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12 | Cinnamon Hill

(876) 953-2984 | Golf Course

This golf course is located at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, and is a quarter mile (a half kilometer) to the east-southeast of Golf Beach.

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13 | St Bran's Burg Beach


From Richmond Hill, travel several miles to the east-northeast to to get to this beach.

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14 | Montego Beach


This beach is located on the northern edge of Montego Bay, only 1.3 miles (2.2 km) north-northwest of Richmond Hill.

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15 | Dead End Beach


When you're coming from Montego Beach, head about 380 yards (a quarter kilometer) to reach this beach.

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16 | Bucaneer Beach


Situated on the northern edge of Montego Bay, this beach is just 0.6 miles (0.9 km) northeast of Dead End Beach.

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17 | Spot Valley Raceway


From Richmond Hill, make your way 8.7 miles (13.9 km) to the east to find this spa.


28 | Hope Well Beach


This beach is on the northern outskirts of Hopewell, six and a half miles (11 kilometers) to the west of Richmond Hill.

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29 | Great River Bay


Situated on the southeastern outskirts of the neighborhood of Great River Bay, this beach is 4.9 miles (7.8 km) west-southwest of Richmond Hill.

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18 | Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge

(876) 952-4131 | Caribbean

This bar and grill is located less than a mile from Richmond Hill, and is on the same premises as Coral Cliff Hotel.

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19 | Belvedere Beach


From Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge, make your way just about 340 yards (a quarter kilometer) to find this beach.

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20 | PPP Tran Tours

(876) 397-6277 | Excursions and Sightseeing Service

If you're coming from Belvedere Beach, this excursions and sightseeing service is within a mile to the north.

21 | Doctor's Cave Beach

(876) 952-2566 | Beach

Interested visitors can find this beach near the heart of Montego Bay, about 170 yards (a quarter kilometer) from PPP Tran Tours.

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22 | Cornwall Beach


This beach is located about 220 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Doctor's Cave Beach.

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23 | Walter Fletcher Beach


From Cornwall Beach, head south for just 0.7 miles (1.1 km) to find this beach.

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24 | Dump-Up Beach and Events Park


This beach is located in downtown Montego Bay, about 350 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Walter Fletcher Beach.

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25 | Fort Montego

Historical Site

This historical site can be found in the heart of Montego Bay, about 190 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Dump-Up Beach and Events Park.

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26 | River Bay Fishing Village


This activity can be found 0.8 miles (1.2 km) south of Fort Montego.

27 | Sam Sharpe Square


River Bay Fishing Village is less than a mile south of this park.


30 | Cruise Shore Excursions Jamaica

(877) 767-9993 | Excursions and Sightseeing Service

Richmond Hill is just 1.9 miles (3.0 km) northeast of this excursions and sightseeing service.


31 | Vegas Gaming Bogue

(876) 940-6964 | Gambling Arcade

Travel south for two and a half miles (four kilometers) from Richmond Hill to reach this gambling arcade, which is situated on Bogue Village Unit 11.


32 | Rockland Bird Feeding Station

(876) 952-2009 | Zoo

This zoo is 3.8 miles (6.2 km) to the south-southwest of Richmond Hill, and is on South of Montego Bay.

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33 | Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours

(876) 912-0936 | Adventure Sports Provider

Found on Lethe Estates, this adventure sports provider is 6.5 miles (10.5 km) south west of Richmond Hill.

34 | Great River Rafting And Plantation Tours


This activity is located 0.8 miles (1.3 km) from Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours, and is within traveling range of Montego Bay.


The interactive map above shows 34 nearby attractions located within eight and a half miles (14 kilometers) of Richmond Hill. A good portion of them can be found in and around downtown Montego Bay, which guests will find in the area surrounding the hotel. To get additional information about the options available in the vicinity, or to get another view of the area, use your mouse to interact with the map. Pin numbers above correspond with the numbers found in the attraction list below.

Attractions Near Richmond Hill
Map No. Type Attraction Name Distance from Hotel
1 Beach Mahee Bay Beach 3.6 mi. (5.8 km)
2 Slot Machine Arcade RIU Montego Bay Game Room 3.8 mi. (6.1 km)
3 Excursions and Sightseeing Service Island Routes Tours at Sandals Royal Plantation 3.8 mi. (6.2 km)
4 Golf Course SuperClubs Ironshore Golf & Country Club 4.0 mi. (6.5 km)
5 Slot Machine Arcade Holiday Inn Sunspree Casino 5.0 mi. (8.1 km)
6 Spa Fern Tree Spa 5.5 mi. (8.9 km)
7 Golf Course Half Moon Golf Course 6.0 mi. (9.7 km)
8 Beach Rose Hall Beach Club 6.3 mi. (10.1 km)
9 Golf Course White Witch Course 6.5 mi. (10.5 km)
10 Historical Site Rose Hall Plantation 7.0 mi. (11.2 km)
11 Beach Golf Beach 7.4 mi. (11.9 km)
12 Golf Course Cinnamon Hill Course 7.6 mi. (12.2 km)
13 Beach St Bran's Burg Beach 8.5 mi. (13.7 km)
14 Beach Montego Beach 1.3 mi. (2.2 km)
15 Beach Dead End Beach 1.5 mi. (2.4 km)
16 Beach Bucaneer Beach 1.8 mi. (3.0 km)
17 Spa Spot Valley Raceway 8.7 mi. (13.9 km)
18 Slot Machine Arcade Coral Cliff Gaming Lounge 1.0 mi. (1.6 km)
19 Beach Belvedere Beach 0.9 mi. (1.5 km)
20 Excursions and Sightseeing Service PPP Tran Tours 1.0 mi. (1.7 km)
21 Beach Doctor's Cave Beach 1.1 mi. (1.7 km)
22 Beach Cornwall Beach 1.1 mi. (1.8 km)
23 Beach Walter Fletcher Beach 0.8 mi. (1.3 km)
24 Beach Dump-Up Beach and Events Park 0.6 mi. (1.0 km)
25 Historical Site Fort Montego 0.6 mi. (1.0 km)
26 Activity River Bay Fishing Village 0.8 mi. (1.3 km)
27 Park Sam Sharpe Square 0.4 mi. (0.7 km)
28 Beach Hope Well Beach 6.7 mi. (10.8 km)
29 Beach Great River Bay 4.9 mi. (7.8 km)
30 Excursions and Sightseeing Service Cruise Shore Excursions Jamaica 1.9 mi. (3.0 km)
31 Gambling Arcade Vegas Gaming Bogue 2.4 mi. (3.9 km)
32 Zoo Rockland Bird Feeding Station 3.8 mi. (6.2 km)
33 Adventure Sports Provider Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours 6.5 mi. (10.5 km)
34 Activity Great River Rafting And Plantation Tours 6.8 mi. (10.9 km)

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