Montego Bay Taxis

Montego has one of the highest concentration of taxis on the island

Even tourists who don't plan on making taxis their main mode of transportation will typically take a cab at least one during their time in Montego Bay. This is usually in the form of an airport transport from the Sangster International Airport, and can be arranged in advance. Those who prefer to make taxis their main mode of transportation will need to know a bit about the process.

Taxi Companies

...two types of taxis...


Taxis in Montego Bay and all of Jamaica are well regulated and trustworthy if you make sure to choose an officially licensed and insured vehicle. The fact that there are two different types of taxis can make things a bit confusing, so taking the time to learn the differences will help you to avoid accidentally hopping into the back of an unlicensed vehicle.

The two types of taxis in Montego Bay are charter taxis and route taxis. Charter taxis are likely the first type you'll encounter, as most tourists hire taxis for transport between the Sangster International Airport and their accommodations. The taxis are private cabs that take you and your party alone to your destination of choice. When you call for a taxi to pick you up, you'll be calling a charter.

Route taxis, on the other hand, stay within city limits or sometimes drive between two cities making stops at set points along the way to pick up anyone who needs a ride. These taxis operate similar to buses, but on a smaller platform. Route taxis continue to pick up passengers until the vehicle is full and charge per person, rather than per trip like charters do.

Another type of taxi is known to drive through the streets of Montego Bay and that is the illegal, unlicensed taxi. These are driven by locals looking to get around the law to make a quick buck and should not be trusted. You'll be able to tell for sure if you're climbing into a legal taxi by checking the license plates. All legal cabs will have the letters “PP” or “PPV” on them, and will be either red with white lettering (the charters) or white (the route taxis).

If you're flying into Montego Bay, you can call ahead of time and have a taxi waiting for you at the airport, however, it is hardly necessary. Sangster International Airport is the most popular place to find a taxi in the whole city, usually waiting outside of immigration. You'll also find them waiting around popular shopping spots and attractions, and they also often make the rounds at resorts and hotels.

If you can't seem to find a cab, or would prefer having one meet you at your location, you can call one of the following taxi companies:

Taxi Contact Information
Name Phone Location
Island Transfer & Tours (876) 391-4914 Montego Bay
JCAL Tours (876) 952-7574 Claude Clarke Avenue - Montego Bay
Travel Around Jamaica Tours (876) 287-2180 82 Tryall Gardens, Hopewell - Montego Bay

Montego Bay is filled with attractions that you won't want to miss. The great thing about taxis in the area is that they can also be hired as tour guides. In fact, Jamaica has a program that encouraged taxi drivers to get certified as a member of the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) after being trained on how to bring tourists on a tour. Many taxi drivers are JUTA certified, and if you find out your driver is, you can hire him to come back and take you around another day to really get a feel for all that Montego Bay has to offer.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Rates in Montego Bay are set rather than metered. Charter taxis set the rates for their company, while route taxis have fares set by the government. Regardless, it is always important to confirm with your driver before you begin your trip so that you aren't surprised by how much you owe when you get to your destination. Route taxis only accept Jamaican Dollars, while charters will also accept U.S. Dollars.

The estimates rates for the shared bus option are set, and can be found below.

Estimated Travel Time and Fare from Montego Bay
Destination Estimated Travel Time Estimated Shared Bus (Per Person USD)
Within Montego Bay 10 to 20 Minutes $10.00
Secrets Resort 15 Minutes $20.00
Tyrall Resort 25 Minutes $18.00
Rosehall 15 to 20 Minutes $14.00
Trelany Half an Hour $18.00
Grand Palladium Resort 45 Minutes $19.00
Runway Bay 1 Hour and 10 Minutes $25.00
Negril 1 Hour and 15 Minutes $24.00

This chart provides some cab fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Montego Bay
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 46.50 - $ 47.00 Downtown Montego Bay Falmouth
$ 65.00 - $ 100.00 Montego Bay Negril
$ 90.00 Sangster International Airport Ocho Rios
$ 55.00 Sangster International Airport Falmouth
$ 35.00 Sangster International Airport Downtown Montego Bay
$ 79.00 Sangster International Airport Negril Beach Hotel Zone
$ 60.00 Sangster International Airport Tryall Club
$ 70.00 Sangster International Airport West Palm Hotel
$ 5.00 Montego Bay Cruise Terminal Downtown Montego Bay
$ 235.00 Norman Manley International Airport Montego Bay
$ 115.00 Sangster International Airport Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa
$ 45.00 Sangster International Airport Round Hill Hotel & Villas
$ 60.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Sangster International Airport

Knowledgeable, friendly drivers, comfortable vehicles, and predetermined rates make choosing taxis as a main people mover in Montego Bay a great choice.


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