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Make your way to Montego Bay

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The first place most people land when they arrive in Jamaica is Montego Bay. From there, they will have the option of staying in one of the most popular tourism centers, or heading out to explore what the rest of the island has to offer.

Getting There

One of the largest and most populace cities in Jamaica, Montego Bay also offers the most direct transportation options of any city on the island. Whether you want to sail yourself, cruise, or fly, all opportunities are open to you.

Getting Around

The busy streets of Montego Bay are open to many transportation options, from rental cars to taxis and city buses. This area of the island has one of the best bus systems available, but tourists who feel more comfortable in a more private situation will like the other options better.

Air Travel

One of the busiest airports in the Caribbean is located in Montego Bay, the Sangster International Airport. What this means for tourists staying in town is that finding a flight directly to your vacation destination is a relatively simple task. Not only do most major airlines fly to the island on a regular basis, but you can find direct flights from air hubs around the world and avoid making connections if you live close enough. To help make your travels through Sangster International Airport move smoothly, avoid traveling between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m, because these are the airports busiest hours each day. Early morning flights will allow you to get in and take advantage of daylight by exploring the area or even hitting the beach right away.

A full list of airlines that fly into Sangster International Airport, as well as other tips on flying to Jamaica are available in our guide to Montego Bay Air Travel.


If you're up for sailing into Jamaica, you can head straight for Montego Bay as it is an official port of entry and home to a large marina with excellent facilities. As you sail into Montego Bay, do so with your “Q” Flag flying and ask to speak with customs when you arrive. They will want to inspect your boat, and see documentation that includes a crew manifest, a list of the ship's stores, the ship's registration paperwork, and a departure permission form from your last port of call. Once customs has approved your entry, you can stay at the Montego Bay Yacht Club.


Cruise ship passengers make up a huge portion of tourism in Montego Bay. The cruise port is located just 20 minutes away from the city on foot, but plenty of taxis can be found surrounding the port, and the bus drives by here as well. Cruisers also have the option of sticking close to the ship, since the terminal is filled with duty free shops and restaurants.

Rental Cars

The number of rental car agencies in Montego Bay is astounding. Most are located in and near the airport, but you'll find a few scattered about town as well. The funny thing is that many people strongly urge tourists to avoid renting a car in Jamaica. This is not possible for everyone, so it is important to learn everything you can about renting a car and driving around Montego Bay. Click here for more information.


...get in all the local sites for one set rate...


The most popular way to get from the airport in Montego Bay to your accommodations is to hire an airport transfer service. These are typically part of charter taxi services, but go the extra mile by providing guests with a drink as a nice greeting from the people of the isle. Once you arrive at your hotel, you'll be able to choose between hiring a private charter taxi to get you from place to place, or keeping an eye out for route taxis that you will share with other travelers. Taxis may also operate as tour vehicles, so that is another option that allows you to get in all the local sites for one set rate. When you click here, you'll be taught everything there is to know about hiring a taxi in Montego Bay.


When it comes to travel by bus, Montego Bay is one of the best cities on the island to make use of the service.  Unfortunately, despite the low prices, it is still lacking in reliability and the vehicles are often overcrowded and uncomfortable.  Still, it is definitely an option for those who want to go at a slow pace and get a true cultural experience when they visit the island.  Click here to learn more.

As you plan for your trip to Montego Bay keep your personal transportation preferences, cost, scheduling, and service in mind. These characteristics should be helpful as you plan how you'll get to and around this major center of tourism.


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