Attractions in Nagua

Primarily an agricultural community, Nagua is not one of the top tourist destinations on the Dominican Republic.  Those who stay here do so usually to visit family or spend some time away from the island's large, crowded destinations.  Attractions are minimal, and feature several well-kept beaches, though you may have to travel a shore distance to reach them. 


You'll find a small variety of beaches to consider visiting, although they are all located nearby. Just click on each beach name for more detail concerning that section of the coast.

Laguna Grande Beach: Set along Highway 5, you need but only pull off the road and park amongst the trees to access Laguna Grande Beach.

Another place to consider is La Entrada Beach. A five miles long, the gold sand covered shore of La Entrada Beach is one of the longest in the Dominican Republic. Boca Del Rio, a river that begins in the mountains of Maria Trinidad Sanchez ends here, dumping fresh water into the beach, which creates a unique dynamic within the turquoise sea water.

These examples are just some of the places worth checking out Go to this extended discussion if you're looking for additional details.


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