Beaches in Nagua

Golden sands with far-off views of the mountains typify the beaches of Naguas which remain largely uncrowded.  If you travel just south-east to the Samana peninsula you'll find more crowded shores, but here is a less popularly known destination which will allow you to relax on a long stretch of beach without anyone much company.

The Area's Beaches

You will discover a good group of beaches to choose from, although all of them are located just outside of Nagua. For a detailed guide to any of these beaches just click on the names of the ones you're curious about.

Laguna Grande Beach: Tan sands and blue-green waters typify Laguna Grande.

A second option for beach-goers to consider is La Entrada Beach. La Entrada Beach is one of the least visited and most underdeveloped beaches in the Dominican Republic, and nobody can seem to figure out why The pristine sand and cool, calm waters provide the perfect setting for a quiet day at the beach.

The table below shows more information about the beaches that can be found nearby.

Beaches Near Nagua
Name Location Coast
Gringo Beach 2.5 mi. Southeast of Central Nagua North East
La Entrada Beach 12.0 mi. North of Central Nagua North
Laguna Grande Beach 5.0 mi. North of Central Nagua North East
Pozo de Bojolo 3.0 mi. Southeast of Central Nagua North East

Bear in mind, there are other types of attractions. To navigate to our complete guide to other attractions, read this article.


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