Natural Attractions in Nassau

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There is a world outside of the beaches and resorts that Nassau is known for, a more natural environment where tourists can go to see what life would be like had the island remained untouched.  In addition to the sites you stumble upon as you explore the area like unique land formations, there are zoos, aquariums, gardens, and even a petting far all available within city limits. 

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Garden of Remembrance

Visitors can enjoy one of the many parks, as well as 2 botanical gardens in Nassau.

Harrold & Wilson Ponds National Park is found in western Nassau. This National Park is the perfect spot for bird lovers vacationing on the Bahamas. Not only does the site feature a glorious abundance of bird life, but it also provides some outstanding educational offerings.

Another attraction in this category is The Retreat National Park. Since 1977, guests have been able to view one of the largest private collections of exotic palms in the world at the Retreat in Nassau.

The parks and gardens you'll be able to find can be seen in the chart below.

Parks and Gardens In Nassau
Name Type Location
Garden of Remembrance Botanical Garden Downtown Nassau
Harrold & Wilson Ponds National Park Park 1.5 mi. West of Central Nassau
Malcom's Park Park 1.1 mi. East of Downtown Nassau
Rawson Square Park Downtown Nassau
Rm Bailey Park Park 1.3 mi. Northeast of Central Nassau
The Retreat National Park Botanical Garden 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Nassau

Zoos and Aquariums

Ardastra Gardens

If the concept of spending some time surrounded by animals sounds like fun, you should visit Ardastra Gardens. A trip to the zoo is like a walk through the jungle, with furry and feathered friends at every turn. Here, you will see over 135 animals that include servals, monkeys, capybaras and flamingoes that roam freely.

Another similar attraction is Punkie Cates Petting Zoo. This small zoo is a perfect attraction kids, who will be able to explore and pet some farm animals. There is not much else to do here, so plan on just spending a little time before moving on.

Look through the chart below to learn more.

Zoos In Nassau
Name Type Location
Ardastra Gardens Zoo 1.2 mi. West of Downtown Nassau
Noah's Ark Petting Farm Zoo Nassau
Punkie Cates Petting Zoo Zoo Nassau

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to visit some of the more popular naturally occurring land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Nassau are shown in the following chart.

Land Formations In Nassau
Name Type Location
Big Pond Pond 1.5 mi. South-Southwest of Downtown Nassau
Harold and Wilson Ponds Pond 1.9 mi. West of Central Nassau
Lake Waterloo Lake 3.4 mi. Northeast of Central Nassau

Of course, you'll find additional attraction types available too. If you'd like to obtain more information concerning other attractions by clicking on this link.


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