Taxis in Nassau

Taxis are plentiful in Nassau

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Tourists from around the world flock to Nassau on a regular basis and it is without question the busiest town in the Bahamas. This lends itself to being one of the most traffic-riddled towns in the island chain, a fact which can turn many foreigners away from wanting to drive themselves around. Fortunately, Nassau is set up so that tourists never have to want for a rental car because taxis are so easily available.

Taxi Companies

You'll find taxis milling around anywhere with a high tourist turn out: Prince George Wharf, Lynden Pindling International Airport, as well as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and beaches.

Bahamas Taxi Cab Union is the one taxi service concerning which we have detailed information. You can contact them at (242) 323-7900; they're located right in Nassau.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The one turn off about taxis in Nassau is that determining the cost of your trip can be a bit confusing. Some drivers use meters while others offer rates set by the government. You will always want to ask your driver how he or she determines the fare before you start driving.

...take a tour of the island...


If you're in a metered vehicle, you will pay $3 as a base fare, then an additional $0.40(USD) for each quarter mile traveled. Set rates are created with departure and arrival points in mind.

In addition for the cost of your trip, you will also pay an extra $3(USD) for each passenger if you're riding with more than two. You're allowed to store two small pieces of luggage in the trunk per person, but any pieces beyond that will incur an extra fee of $2(USD) per bag. Finally, if you decide you want to venture out of Nassau and see what's what over on Paradise Island, you will be responsible for paying the $1(USD) toll that is charged to cross the bridge.

If you'd like to take a tour of the island, consider hiring your taxi driver by the hour to take you around. It will cost you between $50 n $100 an hour for five passengers depending upon what you've negotiated, but the local tales and viewpoints are worth the charge.

Taxi drivers in Nassau depend on their tips. If you've received good service, do not hesitate to offer a gratuity of 15 percent or more.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when you hire a taxi in Nassau, you're ready to move towards your final decision regarding whether or not you'll rent a car. Most seasoned Nassau visitors will tell you it isn't a necessity, only something to do if it makes you feel comfortable.


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