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Head to Nassau, where you shouldn't have any trouble making your way around time

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The capital, and busiest city, in the Bahamas is Nassau. Set on New Providence, Nassau welcomes tourists from all around the world with interests of all sorts – from shopping to fishing, and everyone can happily find hours of activities to keep them occupied. Because of its popularity, getting to Nassau isn't difficult, and once you've arrived there are numerous options available for getting around.

Getting There

Most tourists find that the easiest method of getting to Nassau is to fly due to the fact that the international airport is located right in town. Sailing is a great option, even for those who are not as well-versed in the intricacies of the sport because of the island nation's close proximity to Florida, and cruising is another popular option.

Getting Around

Getting around Nassau isn't a difficult feat. Many tourists arrive prepared to walk and hail a cab at times when the trip is too long to make the trek on foot, though renting a car is certainly an option – if an expensive one. Buses are available as well, and if you'd like to spend some time exploring the other islands in the chain, ferries will be of great use to you.

Air Travel

The major international airport that connects Bahamas with the outside world is located just eight miles outside of Nassau. This means that quick, direct flights with no layovers are a very real possibility for tourists flying directly to the Bahamas from another international hub. As you book your flight, be on the lookout for flights with major commercial airlines such as Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, Air Canada, and British Airways, among many others.

The complete list of airlines that fly to the Bahamas, as well as everything you need to know about air travel for this type of vacation can be found when you click here.


Just a short hop away from the United States, Nassau is a common destination for sailors, especially due to its international fame. However, sailors coming into Nassau should realize that this city can get very crowded, especially when three or more cruise ships are docked. Speaking of cruise ships, while you will unlikely be sharing lanes with them very often, it is easy to get a little tense when they are nearby. So while sailing your own vessel can be cheaper than airfare or a cruise, there are a few downsides too.


The Prince George Wharf, which is located in downtown Nassau, is a major Port of Call for many popular cruise lines. Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Disney, and more major lines are constantly sailing in and out of the wharf, allowing passengers to get off and explore this very popular destination.

Rental Cars

...spend a lot of time exploring...


The amount you'll spend renting a car will depend on the type of car you choose to rent, the amenities you request, and the time of year you visit. Taking all this into account, the amount you spend will vary greatly, yet most agree the price is still more than what is necessary given the public transportation options available in the area. Plenty of tourists still decide to go the rental route, a great choice for those planning to spend a lot of time exploring, those traveling in large groups, and those with physical handicaps.

Learn all about renting a car on Nassau, as well as information about driving on local roads here.


Taxis are a great form of transportation and one of the most commonly used ones by tourists staying in Nassau. Because this area is so heavy with tourist traffic, you'll hardly find it difficult to find a driver to take you around, no matter where you are. The one thing you'll need to pay attention to is pricing. In the Bahamas there are two different ways that pricing is handled. Some drivers have meters, charging a set $3 and an additional $0.40 per quarter mile. Others charge set rates that have been put in place by the government, so you will have to ask your driver up front how much your fare will be at the end. Despite the possible difficulty figuring out the pricing, the drivers are known to be friendly and bad cab service is rarely reported.

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If you ask for information about taking the bus in Nassau, you may get a funny look. This is because buses in the Bahamas are actually called jitneys. They run every day from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and at $1.50(USD) per person each way, they are without a doubt the cheapest way to get around. Jitneys spend their days making the rounds to all of the most popular tourist attractions, restaurants, resorts, beaches, and shopping centers, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a jitney that will get you near to your destination.


Ferries are a very important part of inter-island transportation in the Bahamas. If you plan to spend your days in the country visiting as many islands as you can, using one of the many ferry services will be the most scenic and affordable option available to you. However, if your travels will keep you on New Providence Island this time around, the only ferry you need to worry about is the one that goes back and forth between Nassau and Paradise Island all day.

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A vacation in Nassau is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most tourists, and many spend months and even years planning every detail of their trip. Fortunately, transportation arrangements are easily decided upon and made, so you can focus on other aspects of your getaway.


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