Negril Attractions

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Home to what is often ranked as one of the top beaches in the world, it is hard to keep Jamaica's tourists out of Negril.  Those who travel such a great distance to see what Seven Mile Beach is all about should make plans to see more of the area as well.  Here, they will find themselves in the presence of attractions that include plantation ruins, an operating rum factory, and yes, a few casinos as well. 


Negril's Seven Mile Beach

You will discover an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at several locations, for people who enjoy this relaxing pastime. Click on the beach names to get additional information concerning that part of the coast.

If you are hoping to snorkel, a location with that option is Seven Mile Beach. The golden sands of Seven Mile Beach are located on the shores of Negril. Seven Mile Beach is a natural oasis and idyllic ocean front location.

Attractions Map

Another good option for those who enjoy snorkeling is Rhodes Hall Beach. This small beach rests on Samuel's Bay National Marine Park and is flanked by huge, all inclusive resorts. They sit on the sidelines of the beach itself and don't subtract from its pristine beauty.

Bloody Bay: Legend has it that Bloody Bay got its name after a particularly bloody pirate battle took place her, but today you'll find more tourists on these shores than buccaneers. Because a large number of resorts edge out the beach, many people believe that sections of the beach are owned by the resort that sits in front of it.

Negril and the surrounding areas are home to plenty of additional beaches to choose from. To read a more detailed discussion of beaches, click this link.


Abba Jahnehoy Place

If you like to learn about unfamiliar places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum during your time in Negril.

A museum to consider visiting is Abba Jahnehoy Place, Every wondered about the Rastafarian culture of Jamaica? Here at Abba Jahnehoy Place, you can learn everything you need to know about the subject in a peaceful and beautiful environment.

The table right below lists more details regarding a museum in the area.

Museums In Negril
Name Phone Location Island
Abba Jahnehoy Place (876) 578-9578 The vicinity of Negril Jamaica

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors may experience some other worthwhile landmarks in this area.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Negril
Name Type Location Island
Negril Lighthouse Lighthouse 1.9 mi. South-Southwest of Central Negril Jamaica

Natural Attractions

Barney's Hummingbird Garden

Barney's Hummingbird Garden is one of the outdoor tourist attractions that's enjoyed by many visitors. Explore a beautifully flourishing and well-maintained tropical garden that promotes all that is naturally beautiful about Jamaica, all the while interacting with friendly and busy hummingbirds.

Another local site you might want to consider is Discovery Falls. Founded in 2009, this exhilarating experience has allowed guests to view the beautiful island of Jamaica from above as they zip through the trees on a safe and fun zip-line tour.

Negril has quite a few other natural attractions. To get more information about this topic, see this article.


Jamaica Casinos

People don't usually go to Negril to find gambling, although there is one such venue, Jungle Negril.


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