Beaches in Negril

Photo credit: © Dawn Zandstra

Negril's beachscape is unique thanks to the rugged cliffs that back the shores, leading into clean, white sands and dramatically blue waters.  These beaches are some of the most popular on the island, and often noted as the best. 

Which Beaches Are Available?

There are a handful of beaches to choose from in the area. Snorkeling is available at some of these beaches, for vacationers who are so inclined. To get full details one particular beach click on the names of the ones you're intrigued by.

Negril's Seven Mile Beach

Hi Lo Beach: Hi Lo Beach is located in Negril, nearby a commercial and resort area. Here, vacationers can spend their days lounging in the sand, catching a few rays, and stopping to dip their toes into the cool waters as often as they like.

Another place for beach-goers to consider is Bloody Bay. Lined with sprawling resorts and bowed palm trees, Bloody Bay features white to tan sands speckled with colorful shells, and clear, calm azure waters. Not far off shore is a shallow coral reef structure.

Negril North Beach: Negril North is a relatively quiet stretch of sand in Negril. Visitors to this beach spend their time relaxing in the warm sand and swimming or snorkeling in the cool waters.

The beaches in Negril are shown in the following table.

Beaches In Negril
Name Location Coast
Bloody Bay Central Negril West
Hi Lo Beach 0.5 mi. Northwest of Central Negril West
Negril North Beach 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Negril West
Rhodes Hall Beach 8.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central Negril West
Seven Mile Beach 0.6 mi. North of Central Negril West

Keep in mind that Negril offers other attractions. For a more thorough discussion of other attractions, see this page.


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