Map of Attractions and Beaches Near The Oasis Resort

1 | Lances Bay


When you're coming from The Oasis Resort, this beach can be found 15.6 miles (25.1 km) to the northeast.

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2 | Green Island North Beach


Situated within traveling range from Negril, this beach is located 11.7 miles (18.9 km) from The Oasis Resort.

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3 | Cousin's Cove


Found within driving distance of Negril, this beach is 11 and a half miles (19 kilometers) east-northeast of Green Island North Beach.

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4 | Green Island East Beach


From The Oasis Resort, this beach is found ten and a half miles (16 and a half kilometers) to the north-northeast.

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5 | Crocodile Reserve & Bird Sanctuary

Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve

From The Oasis Resort, this nature sanctuary/wildlife reserve will be found 8.4 miles (13.6 km) away.

6 | Rhodes Hall Beach


If you're coming from Crocodile Reserve & Bird Sanctuary, this beach is located less than a mile away.

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7 | Rhodes Hall Plantation

(876) 431-6322 | Caribbean and Jamaican

Found within Rhodes Resort, this bar and grill is located about 120 yards (less than a quarter kilometer) from Rhodes Hall Beach.

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13 | Explorer Jamaica Transportation & Tours

(877) 767-9993 | Excursions and Sightseeing Service

Situated in Negril Beach Hotel Zone, this excursions and sightseeing service is located 3.3 miles (5.2 km) northeast of The Oasis Resort.

14 | Maximum Art Gallery

(876) 957-4560 | Art Gallery

This art gallery can be found only 0.4 miles (0.6 km) from Explorer Jamaica Transportation & Tours, and is on Norman Manley Boulevard.


8 | Hedonism II Casino

(876) 957-5200 | Slot Machine Arcade

Make your way five and a half miles (nine kilometers) to the north from The Oasis Resort to reach this slot machine arcade, which is situated on the premises of Hedonism II.

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9 | Bloody Bay


Interested guests will be able to find this beach about 340 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Hedonism II Casino.

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10 | Ray's Water Sports

(876) 957-5349 | Activity

This activity is located less than a mile south of Bloody Bay, and is in the heart of Negril Beach Hotel Zone.

11 | Kool Runnings Waterpark

(876) 957-5400 | Barbecue, Chicken and more

This bar and grill is located on Norman Manley Boulevard, and is about 390 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Ray's Water Sports.

12 | RIU Tropical Bay Game Room

(876) 957-5900 | Slot Machine Arcade

Situated at Riu Tropical Bay, this slot machine arcade is one and an eighth miles (a kilometer and a half) north of Kool Runnings Waterpark.

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15 | Royal Palm Reserve

(876) 957-3115 | Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve

Head 3.8 miles (6.1 km) northeast from The Oasis Resort to find this nature sanctuary/wildlife reserve. The nearest area to Royal Palm Reserve is Negril Beach Hotel Zone.

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16 | Island Routes Caribbean Tours at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril

(876) 957-4408 | Excursions and Sightseeing Service

Head 2.6 miles (4.2 km) to the northeast from The Oasis Resort to get to this excursions and sightseeing service, which is located on Norman Manley Boulevard.

17 | Seven Mile Beach


Found on the northern outskirts of Negril, this beach is located less than a mile away from Island Routes Caribbean Tours at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril.

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18 | Z Images Art Gallery

Art Gallery

This art gallery is located about 360 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Seven Mile Beach, and is near the middle of Negril.

19 | Hi Lo Beach


Travelers can find this beach in the northwestern part of Negril, less than a mile west of Z Images Art Gallery.

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20 | Negril North Beach


Go west for a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from Hi Lo Beach to get to this beach. You can find it on the western outskirts of Negril.

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21 | Blue Cave Castle

(876) 957-4845 | Seafood

This tourist attraction is on the ocean, and is only 0.6 miles (0.9 km) west-southwest of Negril North Beach.


22 | Negril Hills Golf Club

(876) 957-4638 ext. 3614 | Golf Course

This golf course is located in the vicinity of Negril, 3.1 miles (5.0 km) from The Oasis Resort.

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23 | Negril Lighthouse


Head a mile (a kilometer and a half) to the south from The Oasis Resort to find this lighthouse. It's on the southern outskirts of the vicinity of Negril.


25 | New Hope South Beach


The Oasis Resort is located 7.3 miles (11.8 km) to the west-northwest of this beach.

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24 | Blue Hole Mineral Spring

(876) 860-8805 | Park

From The Oasis Resort, head several miles east-southeast to reach this park.

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The map displays the 25 local attractions visitors will find within 15 and a half miles (25 kilometers) of The Oasis Resort. Many of them are situated within Negril, which guests can find 4.1 miles (2.1 km) to the northeast of these accommodations. Click on various map points to find additional info about what you'll find nearby, or to see a different view of the area. The pin numbers shown above match up with the numbers found listed in the chart below.

Attractions Near The Oasis Resort
Map No. Type Attraction Name Distance from Hotel
1 Beach Lances Bay 15.6 mi. (25.1 km)
2 Beach Green Island North Beach 11.7 mi. (18.9 km)
3 Beach Cousin's Cove 12.0 mi. (19.3 km)
4 Beach Green Island East Beach 10.4 mi. (16.7 km)
5 Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve Crocodile Reserve & Bird Sanctuary 8.4 mi. (13.6 km)
6 Beach Rhodes Hall Beach 9.1 mi. (14.7 km)
7 Plantation Rhodes Hall Plantation 9.1 mi. (14.6 km)
8 Slot Machine Arcade Hedonism II Casino 5.5 mi. (8.8 km)
9 Beach Bloody Bay 5.6 mi. (9.1 km)
10 Activity Ray's Water Sports 4.8 mi. (7.7 km)
11 Amusement/Theme Park Kool Runnings Waterpark 5.0 mi. (8.0 km)
12 Slot Machine Arcade RIU Tropical Bay Game Room 6.1 mi. (9.8 km)
13 Excursions and Sightseeing Service Explorer Jamaica Transportation & Tours 3.3 mi. (5.2 km)
14 Art Gallery Maximum Art Gallery 3.6 mi. (5.8 km)
15 Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve Royal Palm Reserve 3.8 mi. (6.1 km)
16 Excursions and Sightseeing Service Island Routes Caribbean Tours at Grand Pineapple Beach Negril 2.6 mi. (4.2 km)
17 Beach Seven Mile Beach 1.8 mi. (2.9 km)
18 Art Gallery Z Images Art Gallery 1.6 mi. (2.6 km)
19 Beach Hi Lo Beach 1.4 mi. (2.3 km)
20 Beach Negril North Beach 1.2 mi. (1.9 km)
21 Tourist Attraction Blue Cave Castle 0.9 mi. (1.4 km)
22 Golf Course Negril Hills Golf Club 3.1 mi. (5.0 km)
23 Lighthouse Negril Lighthouse 1.0 mi. (1.6 km)
24 Park Blue Hole Mineral Spring 5.7 mi. (9.3 km)
25 Beach New Hope South Beach 7.3 mi. (11.8 km)

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