International Cuisine in Negril

While staying in Jamaica, expect to encounter a great number of choices with regards to dining. When your preference is International food, you should check out the various establishments where it's always on the menu. Thankfully there's dozens of options just for this type of food.

With so much to try, from the very casual atmosphere at Oceanfront Gourmet Corner to the amazing dinner service at Ivan's Bar, you may very well stumble upon something that suits your taste - and budget.

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Take a moment to pursue the numerous places serving International cuisine available in Jamaica. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to view more information about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

Roots Bamboo

Negril Beach Hotel Zone | (876) 957-4479

Roots Bamboo is located in Negril Beach Hotel Zone, a neighborhood in the vicinity of Negril; a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) to the north-northeast of Negril. In addition to International cuisine, this restaurant has a menu of Jamaican food, so it's a delicious choice for vacationers who want to try both of these styles in one place.

While most people come for the music and the drinks, the dinner menu is extensive and features both international and local cuisine so everyone will find something to enjoy.

Beachcomber Club Restaurant

Negril Beach Hotel Zone | (876) 957-9720

Beachcomber Club Restaurant is situated in Negril Beach Hotel Zone, a neighborhood in the vicinity of Negril; 2.2 miles to the north of Negril. The fresh taste of fish and International fare get along famously at this favorite eatery.

The dining room is open air with seating at the bar and tables which are all covered by a colorfully painted ceiling to protect from the sun. There is a great view of the ocean and tables are set waiting for guest arrivals.

Cassava Terrace

Negril Beach Hotel Zone | (876) 957-5960

Cassava Terrace is on the premises of Couples Negril. If you're curious, Negril is five miles (eight kilometers) to the south. Not only do they have festive fare including International delights and particularly health food, but they're also known for putting out great salads.

The restaurant is located minutes from the hotel's main lobby. It is open air and provides guests with amazing views of the beach and ocean.

Ivan's Bar

The vicinity of Negril | (876) 957-0390

Ivan's Bar, on the premises of Catch A Falling Star Resort, can be found in the vicinity of Negril, in Jamaica; 1.7 miles to the south west of Negril. Happily identified by tourists as an informal place to dine, it's easy to see why people love popping in for their food.

If you're interested in sampling local fare, head to Ivan's Bar, which is famous for the cocktails mixed by bar tenders Ty and Kevin, but also serves Jamaican cuisine.

Cafe de Paris

Negril | (888) 232-2437

Cafe de Paris is situated in the heart of Negril. This enigmatic eatery can show multiple sides, so yes they're offering International cooking and their signature staple of coffee, but they're also masters of desserts.

Hot or chilled coffee beverages are typically what draw guests in to Cafe de Paris, but their selection of pastries and other sweet treats are what dreams are made of.

International Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Bayview Restaurant And Lounge 8.1 mi. North-Northeast of Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-6422
Beach Bistro Central Negril International, Jamaican (888) 726-3257
Beachcomber Club Restaurant Central Negril International, Italian, Jamaican (876) 957-9720
Bongo's Restaurant Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-3200
Cafe de Paris 0 mi. North of Central Negril International (888) 232-2437
Cassava Terrace Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-5960
Chances Pizza Central Negril International, Jamaican --
Fun Holiday Seafood Restaurant & Bar 1.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-3585
Ivan's Bar 1.7 mi. South West of Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-0390
Mary's Bay Boat House Bar & Grill Negril Beach Hotel Zone German, International (876) 957-0981
Oceanfront Gourmet Corner Central Negril International (866) 527-4762
Palm Breeze Bar & Grill 5.3 mi. North of Central Negril International, Jamaican --
Penny's Seafood Restaurant 1.8 mi. South-Southwest of Central Negril Caribbean, German, International (876) 957-4052
Red Dragon Pub 0.2 mi. Northeast of Central Negril International, Jamaican --
Roots Bamboo 1.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Negril International, Jamaican (876) 957-4479
The Mill 0 mi. North of Central Negril International, Jamaican (888) 232-2437
Travellers Palm Restaurant 0.8 mi. North of Central Negril International (876) 957-3039
Treehouse Restaurant Central Negril International (876) 957-4287

Sometimes, the most satisfying cuisines in Jamaica are those that you run into naturally while walking around during the day. But, jotting down the important details of a few dining options on your itinerary, means even your fall-back options are good ones. To read more details regarding the culinary options available to you, check out this page.


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