Spas In Negril


Negril is a city of opposites.  On the one hand, visitors will easily find adventure at every turn.  On the other hand, there is an entire industry surrounding showing visitors a VIP experience.  That experience includes, in many cases, time spent indulging in a day spa.  Massage, facials, and other full body treatments are all highly possible for those who desire such full-service relaxation. 

Finding a spa that you'll like shouldn't be hard, given the fact that there are 11 spas that operate in this area.

If you're looking forward to relaxing, you can check with Rockhouse Spa. Rockhouse Spa is dedicated to your well being, health, and happiness. They are happy to restore your peace and tranquility through their extensive list of services. They are located in western Negril.

Another option is Jackie's on the Reef Spa. Created as a temple, Jackie's Spa offers a serene, supportive, and loving environment to guests. They take an eco-friendly approach, offer yoga and meditation classes, and provide delicious organic cuisines along with their spa services. You can call them at (876) 957-4997.

Still another option is Vassa Spa. Traditional and state-of-the-art treatments from around the world come together at this spa, where even children are welcome to indulge. They're located in the heart of Negril.

Take a moment to read this table for a brief summary.

Spas In Negril
Name Phone Location
Jackie's on the Reef Spa (876) 957-4997 1.1 mi. West of Central Negril
Oasis Spa at Couples Negril (876) 957-5960 Central Negril
Ocean View Spa Negril (876) 352-4027 Central Negril
Red Lane Spa (876) 957-9270 Central Negril
Red Lane Spa (888) 726-3257 Central Negril
Rockhouse Spa (876) 618-1533 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Negril
Samsara Spa (876) 957-4395 1.3 mi. West of Central Negril
Tanya's Secret Escape (876) 887-4918 1.5 mi. West of Central Negril
The Caves Spa (876) 957-0270 1.8 mi. South West of Central Negril
The Spa at SPA Retreat (876) 399-3772 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Negril
Vassa Spa -- Central Negril

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