Map of Restaurants and Bars Near Sunrise Club

3 | Cool Spot Restaurant


Head 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north from Sunrise Club to find this bar and grill, which is located on the beach.

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1 | Chill Awhile

(876) 957-3302 | Seafood

This grill can be found within Idle Awhile Resort, and is just 0.9 miles (1.5 km) north of Sunrise Club.

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2 | Angela's

(876) 957-4267 | Jamaican

This restaurant can be found just 0.9 miles (1.5 km) south of Chill Awhile, and is on the same premises as Bar B Barn Hotel.

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9 | Boat Bar


Visitors will be able to find this bar in Negril Beach Hotel Zone, only 0.7 miles (1.2 km) north of Sunrise Club.

10 | Ristorante Da Gino

(876) 957-4918 | Italian

Found on the same premises as Mariposa Hideaway, this restaurant is located less than a quarter mile (less than a quarter kilometer) from Boat Bar.

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11 | Fun Holiday

(876) 957-3585 | Barbecue and Seafood

Situated on the premises of Fun Holiday Beach Resort All Inclusive, this bar and grill is about 270 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Ristorante Da Gino.

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12 | Rondel Restaurant and Bar

(876) 957-4413 | Restaurant

Visitors will find this restaurant at Rondel Village, about 190 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Fun Holiday Seafood Restaurant & Bar.


4 | Sun Beach Restaurant

(876) 957-9118 | Bar and grill

Go just 1.0 mile (1.7 km) north from Sunrise Club to reach this bar and grill, which is located on Norman Manley Boulevard.

5 | Treehouse Restaurant

(876) 957-4287 | International

Found within Negril Treehouse Resort, this restaurant is just 0.3 miles (0.4 km) north of Sun Beach Restaurant.

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6 | Seaside Restaurant

(876) 957-4227 | Caribbean

Situated on the same premises as Coco La Palm Resort, this restaurant is located 0.3 miles (0.5 km) south of Treehouse Restaurant.

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7 | Beach Bar and Grill

(876) 957-4227 | Eclectic

Those choosing to stay at Coco La Palm Resort can patronize this bar and grill anytime, as it's located right on the grounds.

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8 | Gambino's

(876) 957-4170 | Italian

This restaurant can be found at Beachcomber Club & Spa, and is about 320 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Beach Bar and Grill .

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13 | Travellers Palm Restaurant

(876) 957-3039 | International

This bar and grill is located a quarter mile (a half kilometer) from Sunrise Club, and is within Travellers Beach Resort.

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14 | Negril Beach Club Restaurant

(876) 957-4323 | Caribbean

Make your way about 150 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Travellers Palm Restaurant to get to this restaurant, which is located at Negril Beach Club Condos.

15 | Coconut International


If you are coming from Negril Beach Club Restaurant, go just about 210 yards (a quarter kilometer) to find this restaurant.

16 | Bourbon Beach

(876) 957-4405 | Jamaican

Coconut International is less than a quarter mile (less than a quarter kilometer) from this bar and grill.

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17 | Kuyaba Negril

(876) 957-4318 | Eclectic

Travel less than a quarter mile (less than a quarter kilometer) from Bourbon Beach to reach this grill, which is located on the premises of Kuyaba.

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18 | Blue Water Gelato


When you're coming from Sunrise Club, this restaurant is found a mile and a half (two kilometers) to the west-southwest.

19 | Evrytyme Cafe

(876) 619-1152 | Restaurant

Visitors will be able to find this restaurant about 40 yards (less than a quarter kilometer) from Blue Water Gelato.

20 | Thatch Hut Bar And Grill


This restaurant is situated about 160 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Evrytyme Cafe.


25 | Ciao Jamaica

(876) 957-4395 | Pasta, Pizza and more

Travelers can find this grill on the southwestern edge of the vicinity of Negril, 2.0 miles (3.2 km) from Sunrise Club.

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21 | Corner Bar Negril


If you are coming from Sunrise Club, head 0.7 miles (1.2 km) to the south west to to get to this bar.

22 | Spot Light


From Corner Bar Negril, this bar can be found next door.

23 | Ice Cream Shop

(876) 975-2358 | Ice Cream Parlor

Head less than a quarter mile (less than a quarter kilometer) from Spot Light to get to this ice cream parlor, which is located at 1 Lincoln Rd Brown's Town, St Ann Jamaica.

24 | Moma Flo's Beach Bar and Restaurant

(876) 957-4404 | Restaurant

This restaurant is located from Ice Cream Shop, and is on the beach.


26 | Sunset View Cafe

(612) 377-6336 | CafA(c)

This cafA(c) can be found on the premises of Home Sweet Home Seaside Resort, and is not far west-southwest of Sunrise Club.

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The above map displays 26 nearby food and drink venues you will find within two miles of Sunrise Club. A good portion of these are located in Negril Beach Hotel Zone, which guests will find in the area surrounding the cottages. To get a more detailed view of the area, or to get more info about individual points, explore the map with your mouse. The numbers seen on the points above match up with what is found in the list below.

Restaurants Near Sunrise Club
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Caribbean, Fusion, Seafood Chill Awhile 0.9 mi. (1.5 km)
2 Jamaican Angela's 0.1 mi. (0.1 km)
3 Jamaican, Seafood Cool Spot Restaurant 1.5 mi. (2.4 km)
4 Bar and grill Sun Beach Restaurant 1.0 mi. (1.7 km)
5 International, Pizza, Seafood Treehouse Restaurant 1.3 mi. (2.1 km)
6 Caribbean Seaside Restaurant 1.0 mi. (1.6 km)
7 Eclectic, Comfort Food Beach Bar and Grill 1.0 mi. (1.6 km)
8 Italian, Pasta, Seafood Gambino's 1.2 mi. (1.9 km)
9 Bar Boat Bar 0.7 mi. (1.2 km)
10 Italian, Pasta, Seafood Ristorante Da Gino 0.7 mi. (1.2 km)
11 International, Jamaican, Barbecue, Seafood Fun Holiday Seafood Restaurant & Bar 0.6 mi. (0.9 km)
12 Restaurant Rondel Restaurant and Bar 0.7 mi. (1.1 km)
13 International, Seafood Travellers Palm Restaurant 0.2 mi. (0.4 km)
14 Caribbean Negril Beach Club Restaurant 0.2 mi. (0.2 km)
15 Restaurant Coconut International 0.1 mi. (0.2 km)
16 Jamaican, Barbecue Bourbon Beach 0.1 mi. (0.2 km)
17 Eclectic Kuyaba on the Beach 0.1 mi. (0.2 km)
18 Restaurant Blue Water Gelato 1.4 mi. (2.2 km)
19 Restaurant Evrytyme Cafe 1.4 mi. (2.2 km)
20 Restaurant Thatch Hut Bar And Grill 1.4 mi. (2.2 km)
21 Bar Corner Bar Negril 0.7 mi. (1.2 km)
22 Bar Spot Light 0.7 mi. (1.2 km)
23 Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cream Shop 0.7 mi. (1.1 km)
24 Restaurant Moma Flo's Beach Bar and Restaurant 0.6 mi. (0.9 km)
25 Italian, Jamaican, Pasta, Pizza, Seafood Ciao Jamaica 2.0 mi. (3.2 km)
26 Jamaican, Seafood Sunset View Cafe 1.7 mi. (2.7 km)

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