Nevis Attractions

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Entirely unspoiled and wholly natural, the island is Nevis is the perfect Caribbean “deserted island” retreat.  Yes, there is one small town with historic significance and plenty of landmarks to glimpse, but for the most part nature abounds, the beaches are stunning, and the vibe is completely and utterly laid back.


Oualie Beach

You'll discover a large number of beaches to visit on the island. Whether you prefer being around other people, or you prefer a more secluded spot, you can find a beach that appeals to you. Click on the beach names for a detailed article concerning that particular location.

If you like to snorkel, a beach offering that option is Oualie Beach. You can get here directly from St. Kitts. A water taxi will take you right up to the shore of this cove on Nevis's northwestern coast.

A second place for beach-goers to consider is Nisbet Beach. Guarded by scattered palms and offering crystal clear water, Nisbet Beach is without doubt a tropical beach. To top it off, the mountains dotting the horizon solidify the beach as a marvelously beautiful place.

Pinney's Beach: Pinney's Beach stretches for miles along the Caribbean coast of Nevis. Soft white sands line the beach, as well as swaying palms and coconut trees.

These are just a sample of your options. To read more about beaches available, visit this page.

Landmark Attractions

Museum of Nevis History

Many travelers choose to visit Museum of Nevis History. It is found within Charlestown, Nevis. There are several main areas of the museum that all offer different aspects of history and learning. One floor, dedicated to Horatio Nelson, shows the history of Nelson, his career in the English Navy, and the role he played in securing England's hold in Europe and the Caribbean.

Another option is Nevisian Heritage Village. It's a museum on the edge of Nevis. The homes here date back to the Carib Indian era and though the structures themselves are replicas, inside are antiques and artifacts that truly give guests an idea of what it was like to live here. Structures include a rum shop, the shoe-makers shop, a black-smithy, and private homes.

Horatio Nelson Museum: Housing the largest collection of Horatio Nelson memorabelia in the western hemisphere, the Horatio Nelson Museum has exhibits that feature furniture from the Admiral's flag ship, paintings of him and his family, and personal letters.

But that's not all -- there are a full range of other landmark attractions. To see our full guide to other sites worth visiting on Nevis, click here.

Natural Attractions

Botanical Gardens of Nevis

Tourists who like spending time outdoors are likely to enjoy visiting Botanical Gardens of Nevis. <p>The beautiful and flourishing Botanical Gardens of Nevis is located on five acres of the historic Montpelier Estate and serves as one of the top attractions on the small island of Nevis. The Gardens welcome visitors who find relaxation strolling through lush gardens as well as those who enjoy learning about tropical plants that are not only local to the Caribbean, but from around the world.</p>

A second place that's popular with visitors is Nevis Peak. <p>Nevis Peak Park is actually the area surrounding the real Nevis Peak, a currently inactive volacno that is a prime spot for hiking and nature exploration. What is known as a particularly rough hike will take you along the growing incline and to the top, offering absoltuely pristine views as well as a bit of exhaustion.</p>

These examples are just a few of what's available. Anyone who needs to find out more about natural attractions on the island, can easily do so by clicking here.


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