Bananas Bistro

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Tour the world, or at least its cuisines, at Banana's Bistro where you will find delicious foods. You will likely recognize a few, but many you will not. So if you are up to a flavorful adventurer, than this may be the perfect place for you.


Bananas offers a delicate and varied menu of international dishes from Moroccan lamb as authentic Thailand Curries to more local finger foods like barbecued shrimp. This wide mix makes it a perfect treat for people of all tastes, especially those with a craving for sweets, as the chocolate cake and other desserts here are well known to be absolutely delicious. For others, dessert may be a drink from their large selection of rums and a big Cuban cigar.

Bananas Bistro is a popular bistro that happens to specialize in eclectic cuisine. As far as the style of dining and food goes, the setting is informal. This location serves food for dinner only, so don't be shy about checking them out during their limited operating hours.


This delightful restaurant is located right on the edge of the forests and mountains, and as you relax on the patio watching the sun descend, you'll be joined by the frogs and the birds as they too bid farewell to the sun with their songs.


Bananas Bistro is situated on the island of Nevis, near Newcastle; it's to the north of Charlestown.

Consider merging your restaurant visit with some excellent sightseeing possibilities by checking out one of the many area attractions nearby, such as Hurricane Hill Trail.

Many guests often gravitate toward the activities made for the great outdoors, nearby. Whether they are golfers or not, guests who drop by for the day can test their skills at the nearest golf facility, Cat Ghaut Chip n Putt. And don't forget the beach towels, if you run over to Oualie Beach, which is the most convenient beach and is only a short distance away away. Remember, these two are just a couple of the beaches and golf courses nearby.

Nearby Restaurants

For guests looking for another restaurant with similar kinds of food or a comparable price range, there are a couple of nearby dining spots to consider, including Ocean Bistro Restaurant.

However, if you're looking for something a little different, this section of Nevis has an excellent range of restaurants, where you'll find many different cuisine styles and menu items. For example, you might also enjoy Caribbean cuisine at Oualie Beach Resort Restaurant, which is just steps from the beach.

Credit Cards Accepted

Bananas Bistro accepts these credit cards: Master Card and Visa. Bananas is open from 5:30pm for a sun set dinner, though is closed on most Sundays.

Contact Info

Phone: (869) 469-1891


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