What's Located Around Golden Rock Inn

Nearby Beaches

Pinney's Beach

Arguably some of the best attractions in this region are stretched along the coast. This accommodation, though, is not to be found along the coastline. Travelers who prize seclusion will enjoy the out-of-the-way feel of Golden Rock Inn, but should be ready to journey just a bit farther to reach a nearby beach. You will also have your pick of nearby beaches.

All of the coastal areas on St. Kitts have different features that will affect your experience. All of the nearby shorelines in the following table have something unique to offer. Click on the following names to learn about amenities and other details:

Beaches Near Golden Rock Inn
Beach Distance Direction Location
White Bay Beach 2.0 SE 4.7 mi. East of Charlestown
Indian Castle Beach 2.4 S 3.8 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Pinney's Beach 4.1 W Saint Thomas Lowland Parish
Nisbet Beach 4.4 N Newcastle
Newcastle Beach 4.6 N Newcastle
Oualie Beach 4.8 NW Tamarind Bay
Lover's Beach 4.8 NNW 5.2 mi. North of Charlestown

The closest option is White Bay Beach. Bear in mind that this beach is a moderate distance away, so your party won't have to go far to enjoy a beautiful shoreline. White Bay Beach is known as one of the best beaches on the island for surfers because of the region's active waves. Its rocky coast also makes it remarkably picturesque, and a good spot for a picnic in a remote, infrequently visited area.

Vacationers may also stop in at Pinney's Beach which is a particularly centralized beach. The calm, clear waters of Pinney's Beach are perfect for just about everything. From swimming to water sports, visitors can enjoy it all. This one is four miles west of the lodgings.

Nearby Areas

Vacationers who are curious about the surrounding area's offerings might want to know how many miles the closest town or city is from their location. Golden Rock Inn is located near the center of Saint George Gingerland Parish, on Nevis; it's three and a half miles (five and a half kilometers) to the east of Charlestown.

The areas that are closest to Golden Rock Inn are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Zion 0.7 E
Stonyhill 0.9 SW
Rices 1.4 SSE
Pond Hill 1.9 SW
Whitehall 2.0 NNE
Saint Paul Charlestown Parish 2.8 W
Fountain 3.1 NW
Saint James Windward Parish 3.2 N
Rawlins 3.2 NNW
Charlestown 3.3 W

Nearby Attractions

Nevis Peak

Golden Rock Inn makes for an excellent lodging option for active visitors. There are a good amount of fun activities to be discovered when starting at this accommodation. You will soon notice that this area is simply full of different attractions to try, like Nevis Peak, Mountravers Loop, and Hamilton House, to name a few. The nearest attraction of the three is Nevis Peak.

In search of even more activities to keep you busy? Take a look at all the things to do near the property, which are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Golden Rock Inn
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Nevis Peak Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.2 WNW 2.4 mi. Northeast of Charlestown
Mountravers Loop Hiking Trail 3.3 W Saint Paul Charlestown Parish
Hamilton House Historical Site 2.8 W Charlestown
Boiling House Ruins Historical Site 1.0 N 3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Charlestown
The Source Trail Hiking Trail 0.5 NNW 3.2 mi. East-Northeast of Charlestown
Boiling House Ruins Trail Hiking Trail 0.4 WNW 3.0 mi. East of Charlestown
Southern Boiling House Historical Site 0.4 WNW 3.0 mi. East of Charlestown
Montravers Estate Historical Site 4.0 W Nelson's Spring
Site Of Jamestown Historical Site 4.5 NW Westbury
Horatio Nelson Landing Site Historical Site 4.5 NW Westbury
Fort Ashby Historical Site 4.5 NW Cades Bay
Garner's Estate Loop Hiking Trail 3.9 NNW Newcastle
Cottle Church Ruins Historical Site 4.2 NNW Newcastle
Hermitage Estate Plantation 0.8 SW Stonyhill
Nevis Slave Market Ruins Historical Site 4.1 W Charlestown
The Flats Park 1.9 SW Pond Hill
Historic Jewish Cemetery Historical Site 4.0 W Charlestown
Dr. Walwyns Square Park 4.1 W Charlestown
War Memorial Square Park 4.1 W Charlestown
Christena Memorial Plaque Monument 4.1 W Charlestown
Charlestown Courthouse Historical Site 4.1 W Charlestown
Sports Museum Museum 4.1 W Charlestown
Botanical Gardens of Nevis Botanical Garden 2.3 SW 1.5 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Bat Cave Cave 4.6 NNW 4.9 mi. North of Charlestown
Cottle Ghaut & Bat Cave Trail Hiking Trail 4.6 NNW 4.9 mi. North of Charlestown
Horatio Nelson Museum Museum 3.8 W Charlestown
Bush Hill Estate Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 2.3 SW 1.6 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Bath Hotel Historic Historical Site 3.9 W Charlestown
Hurricane Hill Trail Hiking Trail 5.1 NW 5.1 mi. North of Charlestown
Fort Charles Historical Site 4.4 W Charlestown
Museum of Nevis History Museum 4.2 W Charlestown
Butler's Bay Walk Hiking Trail 2.3 NE Whitehall
Nelson's Lookout Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 1.9 SSW 2.7 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Nelson's Lookout Historical Site 1.9 SSW 2.7 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Jumby Estate Historical Site 1.6 E 4.8 mi. East of Charlestown
Nevisian Heritage Village Museum -- -- 4.3 mi. East of Charlestown
Lime Kiln to the Hickman Site Trail Hiking Trail 1.7 E 5.0 mi. East of Charlestown
New River Estate Historical Site 1.6 ESE 4.7 mi. East of Charlestown
Amerind Archaeological Site Historical Site 1.7 ESE 4.8 mi. East of Charlestown
Diamond Mine Park 2.3 S 3.6 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
South Nevis Lighthouse Lighthouse 3.9 SW 2.8 mi. South-Southeast of Charlestown

If you're on the lookout for somewhere interesting to go, Nevis Peak is an option worth considering. Nevis Peak Park is actually the area surrounding the real Nevis Peak, a currently inactive volacno that is a prime spot for hiking and nature exploration. What is known as a particularly rough hike will take you along the growing incline and to the top, offering absoltuely pristine views as well as a bit of exhaustion.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting info about nearby accommodation options is often a great means of getting a better feel for the area. This portion of Nevis has various other resort and hotel options to choose from, which will give you plenty to consider before making a decision. Find out what you need to know about the area's lodging possibilities by checking the table below.

Accommodations near Golden Rock Inn
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Hermitage Plantation 1.5 WSW 1.8 mi. East of Charlestown, Nevis
Montpelier Plantation 2.1 SW Pond Hill, Nevis
Meadville Apartments -- -- Charlestown, Nevis
Mount Nevis Hotel & Beach Club 4.1 NNW Newcastle, Nevis
Four Seasons Nevis 4.2 W Nelson's Spring, Nevis
Nisbet Plantation Beach Club 4.4 N Newcastle, Nevis
Oualie Beach Resort 4.9 NW 4.7 mi. North of Charlestown, Nevis

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