What's Near Paradise Beach Resort

Nearby Beaches

Pinney's Beach

Some people's favorite sights to see on St. Kitts are the diverse beaches. Here, you shouldn't be too far from nearby beaches.

All of the beaches along the coast of Nevis are different; even differences between their amenities can affect whether you'll come prepared for a party, or just an easy day of sun-bathing. These choices are each worth investigating. Click the names below to see more information:

Beaches Near Paradise Beach Resort
Beach Distance Direction Location
Pinney's Beach 1.0 S Saint Thomas Lowland Parish
Oualie Beach 2.0 NNE Tamarind Bay
Lover's Beach 3.2 NE 5.2 mi. North of Charlestown
Newcastle Beach 3.9 NE Newcastle
Nisbet Beach 4.2 NE Newcastle

The closest one is Pinney's Beach. Bear in mind that you can find this beach about a mile from the villa complex, so you won't have to journey far to enjoy an endless sparkling backdrop. The calm, clear waters of Pinney's Beach are perfect for just about everything. From swimming to water sports, visitors can enjoy it all.

Nearby Areas

Vacationers who are curious to know about what's nearby might want to find out how far—or near—the nearby city or town is from the property. Paradise Beach Resort is located on the northern edge of Nelson's Spring, a neighborhood in Saint Thomas Lowland Parish; it's to the north-northwest of Charlestown.

The areas that are closest to Paradise Beach Resort are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Saint Thomas Lowland Parish 0.7 ENE
Westbury 1.1 NE
Cades Bay 1.4 NNE
Cliftons 1.9 NE
Tamarind Bay 2.0 NNE
Fountain 2.2 ENE
Saint Paul Charlestown Parish 2.3 SE
Charlestown 2.6 SSE
Rawlins 2.8 ENE
Newcastle 3.5 NE

Nearby Attractions

Nevis Peak

Travelers in search of plenty of activities while visiting Nevis will quickly learn that Paradise Beach Resort is in an ideal place for people who will be in and out trying various excursions. You will find that this particular part of Nevis claims a number of exciting attractions, including Nevis Peak, Mountravers Loop, and Hamilton House. The nearest attraction of the three is Nevis Peak.

These provide just a sample of all your options; for more attractions in this area, see those named in the following table.

Attractions Near Paradise Beach Resort
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Nevis Peak Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.1 ESE 2.4 mi. Northeast of Charlestown
Mountravers Loop Hiking Trail 1.2 SE Saint Paul Charlestown Parish
Hamilton House Historical Site 2.2 SE Charlestown
Boiling House Ruins Historical Site 3.9 E 3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Charlestown
The Source Trail Hiking Trail 4.0 ESE 3.2 mi. East-Northeast of Charlestown
Boiling House Ruins Trail Hiking Trail 4.0 ESE 3.0 mi. East of Charlestown
Southern Boiling House Historical Site 4.0 ESE 3.0 mi. East of Charlestown
Montravers Estate Historical Site -- -- Nelson's Spring
Site Of Jamestown Historical Site 1.0 NNE Westbury
Horatio Nelson Landing Site Historical Site 0.9 NNE Westbury
Fort Ashby Historical Site -- -- Cades Bay
Garner's Estate Loop Hiking Trail 3.0 NE Newcastle
Cottle Church Ruins Historical Site 2.9 NE Newcastle
Hermitage Estate Plantation 4.3 SE Stonyhill
Nevis Slave Market Ruins Historical Site 1.9 S Charlestown
The Flats Park 3.9 SE Pond Hill
Historic Jewish Cemetery Historical Site 2.1 S Charlestown
Dr. Walwyns Square Park 2.1 S Charlestown
War Memorial Square Park 2.1 S Charlestown
Christena Memorial Plaque Monument -- -- Charlestown
Charlestown Courthouse Historical Site 2.1 S Charlestown
Sports Museum Museum 2.1 S Charlestown
Botanical Gardens of Nevis Botanical Garden 3.8 SE 1.5 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Bat Cave Cave 3.0 NE 4.9 mi. North of Charlestown
Cottle Ghaut & Bat Cave Trail Hiking Trail 3.0 NE 4.9 mi. North of Charlestown
Horatio Nelson Museum Museum 2.6 S Charlestown
Bush Hill Estate Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 3.9 SE 1.6 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Bath Hotel Historic Historical Site 2.5 S Charlestown
Hurricane Hill Trail Hiking Trail 2.8 NNE 5.1 mi. North of Charlestown
Fort Charles Historical Site 2.5 S Charlestown
Museum of Nevis History Museum 2.8 S Charlestown
Butler's Bay Walk Hiking Trail 5.2 E Whitehall
Nelson's Lookout Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 4.8 SE 2.7 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Nelson's Lookout Historical Site 4.8 SE 2.7 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
Jumby Estate Historical Site 5.6 E 4.8 mi. East of Charlestown
Nevisian Heritage Village Museum -- -- 4.3 mi. East of Charlestown
Lime Kiln to the Hickman Site Trail Hiking Trail 5.9 E 5.0 mi. East of Charlestown
New River Estate Historical Site 5.9 ESE 4.7 mi. East of Charlestown
Amerind Archaeological Site Historical Site 6.1 ESE 4.8 mi. East of Charlestown
Diamond Mine Park 5.7 SE 3.6 mi. East-Southeast of Charlestown
South Nevis Lighthouse Lighthouse 5.4 SSE 2.8 mi. South-Southeast of Charlestown

If you're searching for somewhere a little different to visit, Nevis Peak might be just right for you. Nevis Peak Park is actually the area surrounding the real Nevis Peak, a currently inactive volacno that is a prime spot for hiking and nature exploration. What is known as a particularly rough hike will take you along the growing incline and to the top, offering absoltuely pristine views as well as a bit of exhaustion.

Nearby Accommodations

Getting info about nearby accommodations is sometimes a great means of getting a better feel for the area as whole. You'll be able to find plenty of other destinations to look at nearby, as this part of Nevis has a wide range of resorts and hotels to choose from. The following table contains all the hotel booking possibilities available in the vicinity.

Accommodations near Paradise Beach Resort
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Four Seasons Nevis 0.7 S Nelson's Spring, Nevis
Pinney's Beach Hotel -- -- Charlestown, Nevis
Meadville Apartments -- -- Charlestown, Nevis
Oualie Beach Resort 2.5 NNE 4.7 mi. North of Charlestown, Nevis
Mount Nevis Hotel & Beach Club 3.0 NE Newcastle, Nevis
Hermitage Plantation 3.5 SE 1.8 mi. East of Charlestown, Nevis
Montpelier Plantation 4.0 SE Pond Hill, Nevis
Nisbet Plantation Beach Club 4.2 NE Newcastle, Nevis
Old Manor Hotel Nevis 4.3 SE Stonyhill, Nevis
Golden Rock Inn 4.4 ESE 3.3 mi. East of Charlestown, Nevis

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