Eclectic Cuisine on New Providence Island

Throughout the Bahamas, expect to be impressed by the variety of choices with regards to dining. If you're admittedly obsessed with eclectic food, you should check out the places that dub it their specialty. In this destination overall, there's a respectable number of options that feature this cuisine.

With options including everything from the very casual attitude at Da Sand Bar and Grill to the much anticipated breakfast service at Crusoe's Garden Restaurant, you might come across a dish worth sharing - or not, as the case may be.

The list below allows you to get a taste for the several places serving eclectic cuisine to be enjoyed. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to read more about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Hibiscus Terrace

Paradise Island | (242) 363-2555

Located in the general vicinity of downtown Nassau, Hibiscus Terrace is on the premises of Best Western Bay View Suites, and is a popular choice that's worth considering if you're thinking about visiting this side of the island. Consider stopping by Paradise Island when you have a strong hankering for comfort food. Everything at Hibiscus is quick and light. You'll find all of your favorite deli offerings: sandwiches, salads, and yes, even fish. You are in the Bahamas, after all!

Crusoe's Garden Restaurant

Paradise Island | (242) 363-3680

Crusoe's Garden Restaurant, on the premises of Comfort Suites Paradise Island, is situated 1.6 miles east of downtown Nassau. Though they're broadly known for eclectic culinary creations, this local spot likes to suggest its hamburgers and salads. The menu at Crusoe's Garden Restaurant is filled with all of your favorites, including burgers and fries, salads, and seafood.

West Bay Street Eatery

Cable Beach | (242) 327-6200

West Bay Street Eatery, which is part of Wyndham Nassau & Crystal Palace Casino, is located toward the center of Cable Beach. Both exuberant and exhausted travelers love that this awesome bar and grill is pretty casual, which is important because diners can spend some time winding down while they order delicious, down-to-earth eats. With its open air setting and courteous staff, West Bay Street Eatery is a friendly and relaxing place to have a meal.

Lagoon Bar & Grill

Paradise Island | (242) 363-3000

Lagoon Bar & Grill

Situated 1.5 miles east-northeast of downtown Nassau, Lagoon Bar & Grill is located at Atlantis Coral Towers, and is a logical selection for travelers thinking about exploring the island. Head on over to Paradise Island when you're feeling like a knock-out serving of comfort food. Salads, sandwiches, and pizza are on the menu at Lagoon Bar & Grill.

Caribe Cafe

Cable Beach | (242) 327-6000

Caribe Cafe, which is part of Meliá Nassau Beach, is located in the heart of Cable Beach. Though one might say the overall focus is eclectic-inspired cuisine, this visitor favorite is known for its desserts and pizza.

eclectic Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Atlas Bar & Grill 1.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 363-3000
Caribe Cafe 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Central Cable Beach Eclectic (242) 327-6000
Crusoe's Garden Restaurant 1.6 mi. East of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 363-3680
Da Sand Bar and Grill 0.3 mi. East of Central Cable Beach Eclectic (242) 327-7568
Dairy Queen 2.0 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 393-7072
Haagen-Dazs Shop Nassau Eclectic 393-8077
Hibiscus Terrace 1.7 mi. East of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 363-2555
Lagoon Bar & Grill 1.5 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 363-3000
Orange Hill Restaurant 3.0 mi. West of Central Cable Beach Eclectic (242) 327-7157
Shark Bites 1.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Nassau Eclectic (242) 363-3000
Tcby Yogurt Frozen Cakes And Pies Nassau Eclectic 364-1309
Tiki Hut Bar and Grill 0.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Cable Beach Eclectic (242) 327-6200
West Bay Street Eatery 0.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Cable Beach Eclectic (242) 327-6200

Some of the most memorable culinary offerings in the Bahamas are those that you didn't expect to find yourself craving while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. However, noting the important details of a few intriguing establishments on your schedule, might make sense for your travel preferences. To read more regarding the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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