Taxis on New Providence Island

Skip the car rental and hire a taxi to get you around the island

The island of New Providence caters so well to tourists that those who have been here before recommend visitors forgo renting a car and simply rely on local transportation to get around. While public jitneys are an option part of the time, and some resorts offer shuttle services, taxis will end up the main way you get around.

Taxi Companies

Taxis are plentiful on New Providence, especially near the airport, the wharf, the cruise port, hotels, and downtown Nassau. You shouldn't have any trouble identifying them, thanks to the yellow license plates. It is helpful to have a few numbers at the ready in case you are out and need a ride but can't find a taxi out on the street.

Bahamas Taxi Cab Union is the one taxi service listed on our guide. You can reach them at (242) 323-7900; they're located in Nassau, just of New Providence.

Be aware that it is illegal for children to travel without a car or booster seat, so make sure to bring the appropriate restraint system with you from home.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Determining the cost of your taxi ride around New Providence can be tricky thanks to the fact that some cabs offer set rates while others have a meter ready and waiting to tick away each mile traveled. You'll have to speak to your driver before you take off to determine how your fare will be calculated. Metered cabs will charge an initial fee of $3(USD), plus $0.40(USD) for each quarter mile traveled. The chart just below will give you an idea of what you can expect to spend to get around the island when you ride with a driver who offers set rates.

...tip for good service...


What you will know for sure is that rates are based on a two passenger occupancy, and for each additional rider you will be charged an extra $3(USD). On top of that, each passenger is allotted enough space for two suitcases in the trunk and will be charged $2(USD) per bag if you have more to store. It is also important to know that if you are getting a ride over the bridge to Paradise Island you'll be responsible for the toll of $1(USD).

Taxis can also be hired by the hour to take vacationers around on a tour of the island. The rate is between $50 and $100(USD) an hour for up to five passengers and drivers are well versed in both historic facts and local legends so you can be sure you'll learn a lot.

Just as you would do back home, be prepared to offer your driver a tip for good service. While the amount you give him or her will be determined by the quality of service, know that 15 percent of you final bill is common.

Knowing what to expect for private transportation around the island is the key to making sure you get the best service for your money – and communication between you and your driver is essential. Bring cash, let your driver know where you want to go, and from there you can sit back and enjoy the scenery as it passes you by.


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