Buses in Noord

Public transportation in Aruba is a popular way to move around

The bus system in Aruba is one of the most reliable public transportation systems in the Caribbean, a fact for which this island takes great pride. You'll even find them to be clean, friendly, and inexpensive, not to mention very colorfully decorated.

The first thing you'll notice about the buses in Noord is how they stick out in a crowd. Each bus has been painted in bright colors and features murals of tropical scenery. Even if they weren't so easy to spot, bus stops are frequently seen lining the streets, and these vehicles are known for keeping to a tight schedule, which you will find posted at every bus stop. To ensure you are getting on the right bus, check the front windshield, or ask the driver.

A one way trip will cost just $2.30(USD), and while you'll find most routes originate at the main bus terminal in the center of the capital city, they make regular trips to Noord. You can even take a bus to the main terminal from the airport, then transfer to Noord if your arrival schedule matches up with the bus schedule. Stops are often made at the most popular tourist destinations, including beaches and shopping centers, but there is currently no trip to Arikok National Wildlife Park. Buses run from Monday to Saturday on their regular schedules, with a smaller number of trips available on Sunday.

When you're on the bus, you'll find the trip to be quite pleasant. Buses are generally clean and though they don't have air conditioning, the windows are kept wide open and the sea breeze readily flows through keeping things comfortable. Friends are made on the bus, as locals are quite friendly and ready to chat up anyone who looks willing. The driver will use a whistle to signify an upcoming stop. If you plan to get off at that stop, press the button on the wall to let the driver know, otherwise the driver may keep on driving.

If you have any questions, or want to be sure about a particular route, you can contact the bus services main office at 297-588-0616.

To get the true Aruban experience you'll want to make a point to take the bus from place to place. In addition to enjoying a nice conversation with a local, you'll enjoy a smooth ride for a price that may seem expensive, but will end up allowing you to save in the long run.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Line 7 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Ponton Bus Stop, Boegoeroei Bus Stop, Bakval Bus Stop, Mariott Bus Stop, Phoenix Bus Stop, Palm Beach Bus Stop Palm Beach Bus Stop

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