Natural Attractions in Noord

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It takes a bit of traveling from Noord to get to the island's most natural attractions, so you may consider renting a car or signing up to take a tour of the island with a reputable group.  The distance is between two and 10 miles to most of the sites you'll want to make sure to see.  If you'd like to stay put, know that no matter where you are in Aruba, there is beauty to be seen all around you.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Do you hope to enjoy more of your vacation seeing the local flaura and fauna? You may be pleased to know the area has a few interesting nature preserves nearby.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a nature preserve found in the vicinity of Palm Beach, 1.3 mi. West of central Noord. The only activity that Bubali Bird Sanctuary offers is bird-watching. Just beware, if you do not go around dusk or dawn, you are unlikely to see much.

Those looking to locate a another great natural attraction should consider visiting places like Donkey Sanctuary Aruba. Their semi-new location is on a side street off of French Men's Pass. Take Route 4a from the hotels and follow this road for 14 km, pass all the circles/roundabouts until you see a sign for the French Men’s Pass.

You can look through the following table for information on more nature preserves.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Noord
Name Type Location
Bubali Bird Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.3 mi. West of Central Noord
Donkey Sanctuary Aruba Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 6.8 mi. Southeast of Central Noord


Fontein Caves

Even though most people visiting the area are drawn by the beaches, that isn't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Areas near Noord multiple options, including 3 caves.

You might enjoy a visit to Fontein Caves, which is located 9.8 mi. East-Southeast of central Noord. Fontein Cave is not only a unique natural attraction in Aruba, but it is an important part of history. Cave drawings and other artifacts that have been found over the years give scientists a clue that the native Arawak Indians once performed tribal rituals in this spot.

A second attraction Guadirikiri Caves. It is found 10.6 mi. Southeast of central Noord. A tour of the caves takes guest into the damp, dark space, which features native cave drawings and a bat habitat.

The chart below lists some details concerning caves.

Caves Near Noord
Name Type Location
Fontein Caves Cave 9.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Noord
Guadirikiri Caves Cave 10.6 mi. Southeast of Central Noord
Tunnel of Love Cave 11.1 mi. Southeast of Central Noord


Visitors can enjoy one of the many parks in and around Noord.

The parks you'll be able to find are provided in the table below.

Parks In and Around Noord
Name Type Location
Natural Bridge Park 5.2 mi. East-Southeast of Central Noord
Noord Mountain Park Park Sabana Lider, 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Central Noord
Park Curazon Park Jaburibari, 2.3 mi. Southeast of Central Noord
Signature Park Park 1.2 mi. West of Central Noord
Wilhelmina Park Park Downtown Oranjestad, 3.4 mi. South of Central Noord

Zoos and Aquariums

Aruba Ostrich Adventures

If the thought of passing some time at the zoo tickles your fancy, consider visiting The Butterfly Farm. Several hundred exotic butterflies from around the world make their homes in the controlled environment that is Aruba's Butterfly Farm. Take the 20 to 25 minute guided tour to learn all about the butterflies.

Another related option is Aruba Ostrich Adventures. Ostriches may not be what comes to mind when one thinks of Aruba, but the Aruba Ostrich Adventure nonetheless is home to a number of ostrich that guests come from all over the island to see. While it may not be the "natural Aruba" it is still an interesting sight to see.

Be sure to look at the following chart for more information about what's available.

Zoos Near Noord
Name Type Location
Aruba Ostrich Adventures Zoo 3.9 mi. East-Southeast of Central Noord
The Butterfly Farm Zoo 1.2 mi. West of Central Noord

Bear in mind that you'll find a nice selection of kinds attractions available. For a better look at other attractions, navigate to this page.


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