Transportation Options for Noord

Options abound with regards to how you'll get to the tourist-driven town of Noord

Home of the California Lighthouse and multiple beaches, Noord is one of the most popular tourist centers on the island of Aruba. Getting there isn't a challenge at all, which allows tourists to plan a trip there without much worry.

Getting There

For many tourists, the only option is to fly directly into Oranjestad, then transfer to Noord via ground transportation. Others are more adventurous and will hire a charter or sail themselves from the east coast of the United States. Still others will only want to visit this town for a day or so, and can sail aboard a luxurious cruise ship, making their transportation just as much a vacation as their day on the island Aruba.

Getting Around

Close to the north end of the island where all transportation options cease to exist, Noord is a great spot to take advantage of taxis and bus services, before rental cars are your only option.

Air Travel

The Reina Beatrix International Airport is located in Oranjestad, which means you'll have to fly from your hometown, land in the capital city, and then make a 15 to 20 minute drive to your final destination. Fortunately, this airport welcomes over 100 direct flights from North America each week, so if you live near a mid- to large- sized airport, you'll be able to fly straight to the island with no problem. Connecting flights are also plentiful. Check our air travel Guide to determine if your favorite airline flies to Aruba.


Far from the action, Noord is a good option for anyone looking to enjoy the natural beauty of northern Aruba. With its desert-like color in some places, Aruba is not your average Caribbean island (indeed it is more South American than anything else). However, sailors will first need to head to a port of call closer to Oranjestad before they will be able to sail to this isolated treasure.


The main cruise terminal is located, as you might expect, in the capital city, so tourists looking to visit Noord during a stop on Aruba will have to hire a taxi or rent a car to take them to the northern part of the island. The distance between these two cities is insignificant, and easily traversed if you'd like to plan your day on land in Noord. Recent renovations to the cruise terminal have encouraged cruise lines to include Aruba as a destination.

Rental Cars

Renting a car in Aruba isn't for everyone, but it might make your journey from one of the entry points in Oranjestad to Noord easier if you like to do things on your terms. You can rent a vehicle specifically for the 20 minute drive and return it when you get to town assuming you choose an agency with multiple locations, or you can keep the vehicle for the duration of your stay and likely end up saving money. Renting a car on the island will cost somewhere in the realm of $30 to $90(USD), but the daily rate goes down the longer you have the vehicle in your possession. Find out more about renting a car in Aruba, and some rules about driving on island roads by reading our guide to Rental Cars in Noord.

Taxis attention to the license plate...


Taxi services in Noord are reliable enough that many tourists feel completely confident in making them their main source of transportation throughout their stay. You'll rarely see a cab just hanging around looking for someone to pick up, though. Instead, you'll have the best luck if you call the local cab company in advance and arrange for your pick up and drop off times. You can even call and schedule several pickups throughout the day so you don't end up stranded at an attraction without a ride.

Taxis here tend to blend in with private cars, so make sure you pay attention to the license plate, which should have the letters “TX” on it.

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Noord is known for having one of the cleanest and most realiable public transportation systems in the Caribbean -- but they also have one of the most colorful ones as well. These large vehicles are typically painted in bright colors and covered in murals of tropical scenes. You won't have to look very hard to pick one of these out on the street, and routes are easy to discern as they are scrawled across the front windowshield of each bus. Everything you need to know about riding the bus in Noord is listed here, including typical schedules and prices.

After a brief overview of all of your transportation options, you'll probably know now which options are best for you. Will you fly or sail to Oranjestad, then take a taxi to your hotel? Or is having a vehicle at your disposal important to you. Now is the time to make these decisions and then begin the booking process for every option where it is necessary.


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