Beaches on North Caicos

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Everything points north on the island of North Caicos.  The best beaches on the island are without a doubt found to the north, running along the eight and a half miles of shoreline.  Most of these beaches have medium sized sandy spaces with soft white powder, but there are one or two that have a bit of a rockier appearance, which is great for photo ops. 

Pick Your Ideal Beach

You'll find a good group of beaches to visit on the island. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, for those who enjoy the underwater scene. Just click on individual names for a detailed article concerning that particular location.

Cottage Pond Beach

A local beach with snorkeling is Pumpkin Bluff Pond Beach. The trip to Pumpkin Bluff Pond Beach involves a decent amount of off-roading complete with pot holes that is best traversed via Jeep or other all-terrain vehicle. To access the beach, follow the road past Silver Palm Restaurant to a rocky path that ends at a paved road.

Another good choice for snorkelers is Sandy Point Beach. Located on North Caicos, Sandy Point Beach was once nearly deserted, only known by boaters and locals who reveled in its isolation. Recently, however, several resort developments have brought the beauty that is Sandy Point to many a vacationer's attention.

Horse Stable Beach: The waters that wash ashore Horse Stable Beach come from the Atlantic Ocean, which means the beach may experience cooler water temperatures and a rougher surf on occasion. For the most part, however, this beach enjoys a calm atmosphere and ivory white sand.

The beaches on North Caicos are listed down below.

Beaches On North Caicos
Name Location Island Coast
Cottage Pond Beach 4.4 mi. West of Central Whitby North Caicos North West
Horse Stable Beach 1.4 mi. East of Central Whitby North Caicos North
Pumpkin Bluff Pond Beach 1.8 mi. West of Central Whitby North Caicos North West
Sandy Point Beach 1.5 mi. Northeast of Central Parrot Cay Parrot Cay North East
Whitby Beach 0.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Whitby North Caicos North

Keep in mind, North Caicos is home to additional attraction types. For more details about other attractions, read this article.


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