What's Located Around Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat

Many visitors plan to visit Parrot Cay knowing that they'll get to see the sparkling beaches that the Caribbean is famous for.

Fortunately, Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat is located directly on the water, so you won't have to go very far to see one of the most naturally beautiful features of the area. This location is situated away from the more crowded areas of Turks and Caicos, meaning guests here will often have the beach to themselves, providing them with the opportunity to listen to the waves coming in, rather than the crowds of people going by.

Nearby Beaches

Naturally, since Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat is located directly on Sandy Point Beach, spending time at the shore is a popular pastime at this property. Located on North Caicos, Sandy Point Beach was once nearly deserted, only known by boaters and locals who reveled in its isolation. Recently, however, several resort developments have brought the beauty that is Sandy Point to many a vacationer's attention. For vacationers who want to venture farther away, the following options each offer something a little different. Click the names below to view a detailed page:

Beaches Near Parrot Cay and Shambhala
Beach Distance Direction Location
Parrot Cay 1.7 SW Parrot Cay
Cottage Pond Beach 1.9 NE 4.4 mi. West of Whitby, North Caicos
Dellis Cay 2.8 SW Dellis Cay
Pumpkin Bluff Pond Beach 4.3 ENE 1.8 mi. West of Whitby, North Caicos

The nearest one is Parrot Cay. Parrot Cay is a private island upon which sits a luxury resort and private multimillion dollar homes. Still, the island remains largely uninhabited, and the beach is a beauty.

Nearby Areas

Visitors who want to know a little bit more about what is close by might want to know how many miles the adjacent town or city is from their location. Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat is located on the island of Parrot Cay, in the general vicinity of Sandy Point; it is to the northeast of Grace Bay.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Sandy Point, Parrot Cay 0.4 ENE
Dellis Cay 2.7 SSW
Stubbs Cay 3.9 SSW
Maria Mai, North Caicos 4.1 E
Kew, North Caicos 4.1 ESE
Whitby, North Caicos 5.9 E
Pine Cay 6.4 SW
North Caicos 7.5 ESE
Boton, North Caicos 7.7 E
Half Moon Sandbar 8.8 SW

Nearby Attractions

Conch Bar Caves

There are so many way to stay active in Turks and Caicos, and there are endless ways to stay entertained all across the region. You may especially appreciate those attractions located very close by the resort, like Wades Green Plantation and Readymoney Gardens. Each location is excellent for tourists lodging at Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat, but the easiest to reach is Wades Green Plantation.

The following table can provide more details about nearby attractions:

Attractions Near Parrot Cay and Shambhala
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Wades Green Plantation Historical Site 3.1 ESE North Caicos
Readymoney Gardens Botanical Garden 12.5 SE Readymoney
Conch Bar Caves Cave 17.5 ESE Conch Bar, Middle Caicos
Crossing Point Trail Hiking Trail 17.5 ESE Conch Bar, Middle Caicos

If you're looking for somewhere interesting to go, Wades Green Plantation might be a good choice. At one time in history, North Caicos was considered to be "Plantation Country," and today Wades Green stands as the most well-preserved of the remaining plantation properties on the island.

Nearby Accommodations

When deciding on a place to stay, it is sometimes helpful to find out about nearby accommodations as a way to better understand the surrounding area. Though there is only one additional place to stay right around Parrot Cay Resort & Shambhala Retreat, the tranquil surroundings here are what make it an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a secluded vacation spot.


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