Beaches in Ocho Rios

Photo credit: © Orlando Kairus, MD

The beaches of Ocho Rios provide a bit of peace from the hustle and bustle of what has become a very popular cruise port.  Although they are certainly more busy when ships are docked, many visitors still find them to have plenty of space, gorgeous scenery, and warm, clear waters.  The beach at Dunn's River Falls is favored, especially among snorkelers, but all have picturesque scenery which range from rugged cliffsides to sands lined with coconut palms that make them each worth a visit.

Which Beaches Are Available?

You'll find an abundance of beaches to enjoy in the area. Snorkeling is available at several locations, for vacationers who are so inclined. Just click on individual beach names for more detail concerning that section of the coast.

Dunn's River Beach

Mallards Beach: Mallards Beach is located in the center of Ocho Rios. This narrow stretch of ivory sand goes eastward, and its backdrop is dominated by area hotels.

A second location for beach-goers to consider is Shaw Park Beach. Shaw Park Beach is a part of Cutlass Bay. It is privately owned by Shaw Park Beach Hotel and Spa, making it accessible only by patrons of the resort.

Grande Beach: There is a fair amount of seaweed in the water here, but being tucked in a cove protects swimmers from harsh waves. You'll likely see an interesting variety of boats and even cruise ships coming in and out of the nearby port.

The beaches in Ocho Rios are shown below.

Beaches In Ocho Rios
Name Location Coast
Dunn's River Beach 3.7 mi. West of Central Ocho Rios North
Fisherman's Beach Downtown Ocho Rios North-Northeast
Grande Beach Downtown Ocho Rios North East
Mallards Beach 0.7 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Ocho Rios North East
Shaw Park Beach 0.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Ocho Rios North East
Turtle Beach Downtown Ocho Rios North East
White River Bay 1.1 mi. East-Northeast of Central Ocho Rios North East

Bear in mind, Ocho Rios has additional attractions. Follow this link to read our article about other interesting attractions for Ocho Rios.


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