Shopping in Ocho Rios

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Ocho Rios is known for its aggressive sales tactics which can be slightly off-putting for many travelers, but its huge variety of products which are deeply discounted and often duty free.  If you're up for a little haggling and are willing to shop with cash on hand, you will have a great time shopping here.

Downtown there are a few shopping centers and malls with well-known businesses selling duty-free goods like jewelry, clothing, china, crystal, and other housewares.  You shouldn't have to do much bargaining here.  It is at the merchant markets, such as at the Native Craft Market near Dunn's River Falls, where the owners of vendor carts will try and push you into buying their products.  The craft market is the best place to get local coffee and any number of handmade goods. 

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you're looking for some souvenirs or gifts consider visiting Bijoux Duty Free Tajmahal, which is located in downtown Ocho Rios. If you've got jewelry and brand name timepieces on your souvenir shopping list, then Bijoux Duty Free is one stop you wont want to skip. They specialize in high end accessories at duty free prices. If you'd like to call before you go, you can do so at (876) 953-9530.

Take a look at the following table to find out more about gift and souvenir shops in this area.

Gifts and Souvenirs In Ocho Rios
Name Type Phone Location
Bijoux Duty Free Tajmahal Duty Free Store (876) 953-9530 Downtown Ocho Rios
Cool Card Depot Gift and Souvenir Shops 1- Ocho Rios
El-Dorado Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-1905 Downtown Ocho Rios
Gift World Jamaica Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-1556 Downtown Ocho Rios
Giftland Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-6744 Downtown Ocho Rios
Gifts R Us Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-4611 Downtown Ocho Rios
Gifts Unlimited Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-2264 Downtown Ocho Rios
Harvey's Gift Bazaar Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-0170 Ocho Rios
JBJ Gift Center Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 795-2505 Ocho Rios
Jamaican Payless Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-3895 Downtown Ocho Rios
Mohan's Duty Free Shop Duty Free Store (876) 974-9574 Downtown Ocho Rios
Native Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-4972 Ocho Rios
On Time Flowers & Gifts Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 795-1609 Ocho Rios
Onshore Souvenirs Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-2061 Downtown Ocho Rios
Palace Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-7165 Ocho Rios
Poco Loco Gifts & Souvenirs Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-3429 Ocho Rios
Soni's Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-2303 Ocho Rios
Wang's One Love Gift Shop Gift and Souvenir Shops (876) 974-6183 Ocho Rios

Specialty Shops

One of the area's more popular specialty retailers is Tajmahal's Jewel In Paradise. This shopping venue is located in downtown Ocho Rios. An off-shoot of the Tajmahal Duty Free empire, Jewels in Paradise has been a leading source for duty free jewelry and watches since 1954. For tourists, this is a great option because they offer free delivery back to your home, and a 12 month certificate so if you are not satisfied, you're covered. If you have questions, call them at (876) 974-6929.

Another good option is Gem Palace, which is located mi. ( km) from Tajmahal's Jewel In Paradise. Gem Palace is a wholesale retailer of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other semi-precious stones. Gold and silver are also available, and all products are sold duty free. Guests will be able to find them at 47 Main Street.

Colombian Emeralds Ocho Rios: The collection of gem stones and precious metals is quite astounding, and of course the real star of the show is the emerald. Whether you're in the market for a gift, or ready to splurge on yourself, these beautiful pieces speak for themselves. If you want to call ahead, do so at (876) 795-0315.

The table right below lists a few details regarding the 17 specialty shops located in Ocho Rios.

Specialty Shops In Ocho Rios
Name Type Phone Location
Cigar Planet Tobacconist and Cigar Shop (876) 974-1885 Downtown Ocho Rios
Colombian Emeralds Ocho Rios Jewelry Store (876) 795-0315 Ocho Rios
Colors Duty Free Jewellers Jewelry Store (876) 974-1734 Downtown Ocho Rios
Cool Beach Stuff Surfing Gear Store 675-8827-9 Ocho Rios
Craft Market Handicraft Dealers -- Downtown Ocho Rios
Design Jewellery Jewelry Store (876) 795-2303 Ocho Rios
Diamond Collections Jewelry Store (876) 974-0671 Ocho Rios
Diamonds Forever Jewelry Store (876) 974-7185 Downtown Ocho Rios
Diamonds International Jewelry Store -- 1.5 mi. East of Downtown Ocho Rios
Gem Palace Jewelry Store (876) 974-2735 Ocho Rios
House Of Diamonds Jewelry Store (876) 795-2921 Downtown Ocho Rios
Jewel Palace Jewelry Store (876) 974-6420 Ocho Rios
Jewellery Affair Jewelry Store (876) 795-0161 Ocho Rios
LS's Arts Gallery & Gift Shop Art Gallery (876) 974-2764 Ocho Rios
Real Jewellers Jewelry Store (876) 974-2761 Ocho Rios
Taj Jewellery Factory Jewelry Store (876) 795-2062 Ocho Rios
Tajmahal's Jewel In Paradise Jewelry Store (876) 974-6929 Downtown Ocho Rios

Clothing and Apparel

Hoping to find some new clothing during your vacation? You might want to visit Fancy Feet -- which is found within central Ocho Rios. Come check out some fresh and fancy accessories just for your feet at Fancy Feet! Visitors will be able to find them at 1 James Avenue.

The chart right below has more information about the 9 apparel shops in Ocho Rios.

Clothing and Apparel In Ocho Rios
Name Type Phone Location
Beach World Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (876) 675-8993 Ocho Rios
Classic Foot Ware Shoe Store (876) 974-4167 Ocho Rios
Cool Bags Clothing Accessory and Handbag Store (876) 974-8738 Ocho Rios
Fancy Feet Shoe Store (876) 974-0529 1.1 mi. East of Downtown Ocho Rios
Ian's Footwear Shoe Store (876) 795-0840 Ocho Rios
Jamaica Souvenir T-Shirts Clothing Store (876) 675-8940 Ocho Rios
Pleazing Fashions Clothing Store (876) 795-2021 Ocho Rios
Sunshine Boutique Boutique (876) 974-7009 Ocho Rios
T-Shirt Cafe T-Shirt Shop (876) 974-4057 Ocho Rios

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? Book & Nutrition Center is found within Ocho Rios. This book store stocks religious literature and nutritional products. If you're looking to call before you go, you can do so at (876) 924-5227.

Look through the following chart for more information about your options.

Food and Grocery Stores In Ocho Rios
Name Type Phone Location
Aunties Grocery Grocery Store (876) 974-1054 Ocho Rios
Book & Nutrition Center Nutrition and Body Care Store (876) 924-5227 Ocho Rios
C M K Bakery Bakery (876) 974-2511 Ocho Rios
Chen's Grocery Shop Grocery Store (876) 974-2965 Ocho Rios
Coconut Grove Liquor Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (876) 974-3049 Ocho Rios
Future Bakery Bakery (876) 795-2243 Ocho Rios
J & J Mini Mart Grocery Store (876) 974-1110 Ocho Rios
Kash & Karry Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 974-9228 Ocho Rios
Liu's Rexo Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 974-2328 Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios Baking Bakery (876) 974-8881 Ocho Rios
P & L Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 974-7512 Ocho Rios
Pure Vibes Bar & Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (876) 974-3822 Ocho Rios
Rexo Supermarket Grocery Store (876) 974-5579 Ocho Rios
Sheila's Homemade Pastries Bakery (876) 795-0687 Ocho Rios
Square One Super Food Grocery Store (876) 795-3669 Ocho Rios

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