Taxis in Ocho Rios

Taxis are the best form of transportation in Ocho Rios

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Unless you plan to stay strictly in the city center of Ocho Rios, you'll need some form of transportation to get to place to place. Rental cars are an option but the driving conditions are not optimal and tourists are encouraged to seek other options instead. Hiring a taxi is for sure the way to go in Ocho Rios.

Taxi Companies

Simply deciding that you'll hire a cab to get where you need to go isn't enough in Ocho Rios, because here there are a few types of taxis to choose from.

Charter versus Route Taxis

If you are traveling with a group of more than two people, traveling a long distance, and possibly need to make a stop or two along the way you'll want to stick to hiring a charter taxi. Charter taxis are distinguishable by their red license plates with white lettering, and will have the letters “PP” or “PPV” on the plates as well. These taxis are private and offer transportation to wherever you need to go for one flat rate for everyone riding in the car.

Route taxis, on the other hand, are comparable to a public bus, though the vehicle is smaller. These taxis have specific routes that they travel throughout the day, typically between hotels, shopping centers, and popular attractions, and although the rates are also set in advance, they are charged per person rather than per trip. Route taxis will continue to stop and pick up passengers until the vehicle is full. These taxis will also have the letters “PP” or “PPV” on the plates, but you'll be able to distinguish them from charter taxis by noting that they have white license plates.

Both charter and route taxis are legal, sanctioned by the government, and required to have proper licensing and insurance. Be sure you check to make sure you are getting in a properly marked taxi, or you'll find that you have been picked up by a local simply looking to make a quick buck in his or her private vehicle. Illegal taxis do roam the streets, and can be a danger.

...see a difference in what you'll pay...


Hiring a Taxi

Most people have their first experience with taxis at the airport, when they hire a charter to take them to their accommodations in Ocho Rios. You'll typically find them waiting right outside Immigration, but you can also call a week or two ahead of your vacation, give the company your name and flight information, and they will be waiting specifically for you when you arrive.

If you would rather call for a cab to pick you up at a reserved time and location, you can contact one of these the following cab companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Karandas Taxi Services (876) 974-2063 10 Balivard Avenue - Ocho Rios
MCA Taxi Service (876) 974-2343 Ocho Rios

The list above can also be put to use if you're out and about and need to call for a ride. In most cases you'll find taxis congregating around beaches, busy resort properties, clusters of restaurants, and busy tourist attractions, but if you are in an area where none of present, you have the option of waiting for a few minutes to see if a route taxi will pull through, or finding a phone to call for a charter.

Another great option is to hire a taxi to take you on a tour of Ocho Rios. For one set rate, usually including the price of admission to any attractions that have price tags plus drinks and sometimes even lunch, you can have a knowledgeable guide take you around to visit everything you need to see in one day. Taxi drivers in Ocho Rios take this job seriously, and many are JUTA certified with an expertise in island tours.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Metered taxis do not exist in Ocho Rios. Every price is set in advance, though you will see a difference in what you'll pay a route taxi and what you'll pay a charter. The government sets the fares for the route taxis and you'll have to pay in Jamaican Dollars, while charter taxis are permitted to set their own rates and are known to accept U.S. Dollars.

Want to know how much a taxi ride will set you back? Scan the following list of examples.

Typical Fares Around Ocho Rios
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 83.20 - $ 96.00 Downtown Ocho Rios Falmouth
$ 8.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Downtown Ocho Rios
$ 40.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal San Souci
$ 6.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Moon Palace Jamacia Grande
$ 50.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Hedonism Ii
$ 50.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Couples Sans Souci
$ 30.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Sandals Ochi
$ 20.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal New Pineapple Shopping Center
$ 20.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Dunn's River Park
$ 8.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Tajmahal Plaza
$ 20.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Shaw Park Beach
$ 50.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Beaches Boscobel
$ 40.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Sandals Golf And Country Club
$ 90.00 Sangster International Airport Ocho Rios
$ 150.00 Norman Manley International Airport Ocho Rios
$ 90.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Ocho Rios
$ 90.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Dunn's River Park
$ 8.00 Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal Island Village

From start to finish you can hire taxis to get you around during your entire stay in Ocho Rios, and plenty are more than happy to take you around to explore the rest of the island as well. Don't worry if driving in a foreign country makes you nervous, or you simply aren't qualified to rent a vehicle. The taxi services in Ocho Rios are top notch and a great choice.


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