Map of Accommodations in Old San Juan

1 | Gallery

Enter a fascinating world of art and history from the vantage point of San Juan's 500-year-old North Wall. The Gallery Inn, a popular wedding destination, takes advantage of bay views and antique architecture to provide guests with an unforgettable stay.

Interested guests will find this hotel at 204-206 Norzagaray, a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from the center of Old San Juan.

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1 | Caleta

Ideally located near many of the most important attractions including the Governor's Mansion and the San Juan Gate, this property, which is well-cared for and inexpensive considering its locale, is also known for its superb views of the harbor.

Make your way a short distance from the center of Old San Juan to find this hotel, which is located at 312 San Francisco Street.

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2 | Villa Herencia

Villa Herencia is a hotel in Old San Juan, located right in the midst of the city's rich history from the colonial architecture all around to the cobblestone road out-front. Guestrooms are cozy and are fitted with premium pillow-top mattresses, and the hotel is located near the best the city has including shopping, restaurants, bars, clubs, historical tours, and more.

This B & B is located at 23 Caleta Las Monjas, and is within walking distance from The Caleta Guesthouse.

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3 | El Convento

Located in the architecturally wondrous historic center of Old San Juan, Hotel el Convento stands out as the crown architectural jewel of the area. However, the "look but don't touch" feel of its Spanish colonial design belies the fact that this a modern, sophisticated, and luxurious hotel with close to 60 supremely well-appointed rooms. Past guests have nothing but good things to say about this property, going to far as to vote it as one of the top in the region in a poll conducted by Conde Nast Traveler in 2013.

This hotel is located a short distance from Villa Herencia, and is at 100 Cristo Street.

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4 | Hotel Plaza de Armas Old San Juan

"In the heart of Old San Juan" sits a beautifully elegant colonial style property that fits in perfectly with the rich history and culture that surrounds it in the form of museums, heritage sites, historic buildings, and shopping.

This hotel is located a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from Hotel El Convento, and is at 202 Calle San Jose.

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1 | La Terraza

When coming from the center of Old San Juan, go a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) northeast to locate this apartment building.

2 | SJ Suites

Relax in one of Sj Suites Hotel's wonderful suites. Your privacy and comfort is their specialty.

Interested visitors will find this hotel a short distance from La Terraza de San Juan.

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3 | Hotel Milano

Situated in the heart of Old San Juan, the historic 19th century Hotel Milano has been recently renovated. Its 30 comfortable rooms have been modernized to provide guests with all the standard amenities they expect.

This hotel is at 307 Fortaleza Street, and is within walking distance from Sj Suites Hotel.

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4 | Old San Juan Guest House

Not everyone desires a massive, modern resort when they visit Puerto Rico. Some people prefer a cozy, quiet, old-fashioned environment, and that is just what they get when they stay at Fortaleza Guest House in San Juan.

Found at 303 Fortaleza Street, this guest house is within walking distance from Hotel Milano.

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5 | Pineapple Inn

The Pineapple Inn promises guests an intimate getaway with a relaxed atmosphere. Taking the best of the natural pleasures of the Caribbean and combining them with great amenities (including a pool, great location, and more) vacationers can expect a thoroughly relaxing and no-hassle getaway.

Head within walking distance from Fortaleza Guest House to reach this hotel.

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6 | Da House

Da House, located in the heart of Old San Juan, offers one of the most unique and eclectic hotel experiences around. With tons of original art in both common areas and guestrooms and an exciting cafe/ music and art venue downstairs, Da House has a vibrant personality that guests looking for a break from stale hotels will likely love.

This hotel is located at 312 San Francisco Street, and is within walking distance from The Pineapple Inn.

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7 | Cervantes Hotel

The Cervantes boutique hotel at the gateway to Old San Juan combines luxurious accommodations with hospitality to provide guests with quality service second to none. Featured in Conde Nast Johansen's Guides, this award winning hotel features fine art by Carlos Davila, and provides guests with international cuisine at the Panza Restaurant.

Situated on Calle Del Recinto Sur 329, this hotel is a short distance from Da House.

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8 | Chateau Cervantes

Chateau Cervantes is a monumental achievement in classical luxury. The beautiful boutique hotel on the edge of Old San Juan provides an unyieldingly luxurious stay for guests as well as an exceptional restaurant.

Interested guests can find this hotel at 329 Street, Recinto Sur, about a hundred yards (a couple hundred meters) from Cervantes Hotel.

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9 | Sheraton Old San Juan

Begin or end your Caribbean cruise at the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel and Casino, located adjacent to the cruise ship docks in Puerto Rico. Bay views and Spanish-colonial architecture make this upscale hotel a charming place to call home away from home.

Found at 100 Brumbaugh Street, this hotel is located less than a hundred yards (less than a hundred meters) from Chateau Cervantes.

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Points of Interest Near Old San Juan
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Cervantes Hotel Old San Juan
Chateau Cervantes Old San Juan
Da House Old San Juan
Fortaleza Guest House Old San Juan
Hotel El Convento Old San Juan
Hotel Milano Old San Juan
Hotel Plaza de Armas Old San Juan Old San Juan
La Terraza de San Juan Old San Juan
Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel and Casino Old San Juan
Sj Suites Hotel Old San Juan
The Caleta Guesthouse Old San Juan
The Gallery Inn Old San Juan
The Pineapple Inn Old San Juan
Villa Herencia Old San Juan


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