Shopping in Old San Juan

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There is a free trolley that travels around the main shopping area of Old San Juan all throughout the day, which allows tourists to take advantage of low prices on high end goods without having to carrying around heavy shopping bags all over town.

Shopping is diverse, and includes everything from luxury good like brand name fashion, accessories, jewelry, and perfumes to local shops down narrow alleyways which allow you to shop like a local.  You'll even find a lot of names you recognize, especially when it comes to grocery and drug stores.  

Gifts and Souvenirs

If you're hoping to find some souvenirs or gifts you might enjoy a visit to Mi Pequeno San Juan, which is situated in Old San Juan. Bring a San Juan home into your home. Mi Pequeno sells hand made miniature versions of famous buildings and structures in San Juan. Visitors can find them at 107 Calle Cristo.

Another option is Spicy Caribbee, which is located a short distance away of Mi Pequeno San Juan. Spicy Caribee is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The property is located at 154 Calle Cristo.

A third option is Build-A-Bear. There's one in almost every mall, and young kids can't walk by without tugging at their parent's hand to go in. Build-A-Bear first opened its doors in 1997, and has been pairing stuffed animals with loving owners ever since. You can call them at (787) 766-0048.

Many of the gift and souvenir shops in or near Old San Juan are summarized directly below.

Gifts and Souvenirs Around Old San Juan
Name Phone Location
Build-A-Bear (787) 766-0048 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Caribbean Gift (787) 977-0389 Old San Juan
China House (787) 296-2639 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Eastern National Park (787) 724-1260 Old San Juan
James Souveniers (787) 725-7390 Old San Juan
La Fortaleza Tours Office & Souvenir Shop -- Old San Juan
Mi Pequeno San Juan (787) 977-1636 Old San Juan
San Cristobal Visitors' Center -- 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Old San Juan
Spicy Caribbee (787) 725-4690 Old San Juan

Specialty Shops

One of the more interesting speciality shops in this area is The Butterfly People. They're found within the heart of Old San Juan. In full accordance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Butterfly People creates boxed artwork from the preserved remains of butterflies from around the world who have lived a full life cycle and died naturally. They're at 152 Fortaleza.

A second option is Scuba Dogs San Juan, which is found 1.6 mi. (2.6 km) away from The Butterfly People. One of the truest full-service dive centers on the island, not only can you train and dive with Scuba Dogs, but they also sell and service equipment and go so far as to offer swim lessons and water aerobics in the aquatic center. Guests will find them on Luis Munoz Rivera Avenue.

Galería Éxodo: The galleries are open from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Guests can find them at 152 & 200B Cristo Street.

The chart just below provides some details concerning the 17 specialty shops located in or near Old San Juan.

Specialty Shops Around Old San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Aqua Sports Kayaks and Surf Shops Watersports Equipment Shop (787) 782-6735 5.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Biaggi & Faure Art Gallery (787) 277-2783 2.2 mi. South of Central Old San Juan
Blue Diamond Jewelry Store (787) 721-0855 Old San Juan
Bóveda Jewelry Store (787) 725-0263 Old San Juan
Casa Cortes Gallery Art Gallery (787) 523-4642 Old San Juan
Certified Gold Exchange Jewelry Store (800) 300-0715 2.8 mi. East of Central Old San Juan
Consuegra Inc Jewelry Store (787) 725-7155 Old San Juan
Don Collins Cigars Tobacconist and Cigar Shop (787) 753-8935 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Effy Jewelers San Juan Jewelry Store (787) 721-0256 Old San Juan
Forteleza Antiques Antiques and Used Merchandise Dealer (787) 723-1229 Old San Juan
Galería Éxodo Art Gallery (787) 723-4913 Old San Juan
Kute Gifts And Flowers Florist (787) 758-4153 5.3 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Milano 32 Jewelry Store (787) 289-0990 Central Old San Juan
Puerto Rican Arts and Crafts Art Supply and Craft Store (787) 725-5596 Old San Juan
Scuba Dogs San Juan Dive Shop (787) 977-0000 1.7 mi. East of Central Old San Juan
The Butterfly People Art Gallery (787) 723-2432 Old San Juan
Toys R Us Toy and Game Store -- 3.8 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan

Clothing and Apparel

Hoping to find some new clothing during your vacation? You might want to try Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier -- which is situated in eastern Old San Juan. Stella Nolasco creates high end, designer clothing that somehow manages to be edgy and soft all at once. Her designs are available at Stella Nolasco Boutique Atttier. You'll find them on Avenue de Diego, Plaza de Diego #310 .

Another good option is Cigar House -- which is found 3.4 mi. (5.5 km) away from Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier. Offering the largest selection of cigars in Old San Juan, Cigar House is a refined spot where you can pick out exotic cigars and sample Caribbean rums. You can find them at 27 Fortaleza.

A third clothing shop to consider is Pirana Joe San Juan. This brand name is recognized throughout the Caribbean and has become a namesake for beach fun. Created by three friends hoping to recapture the adventurous spirit of their youths, Pirana Joe is great for island-style clothing and souvenirs. Find them

The chart below enables you to learn some details regarding the 14 apparel shops in the vicinity of Old San Juan.

Clothing and Apparel Around Old San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Chic Lolita Boutique (787) 424-3177 Old San Juan
Chico's General Clothing Store (408) 554-9030 4.0 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Cigar House Boutique (787) 723-5223 Old San Juan
Concalma Boutique (787) 421-4212 Old San Juan
Diva Dogs Boutique Boutique (787) 408-0901 Old San Juan
Lacoste San Juan Boutique Boutique (787) 777-0770 4.0 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Macy's Department Store (787) 296-3971 4.0 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Marshallls Old San Jaun General Clothing Store (787) 722-3020 Old San Juan
Pirana Joe San Juan Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store -- Old San Juan
Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store General Clothing Store (787) 722-2136 Old San Juan
Stella Nolasco Boutique Atelier Boutique (787) 723-2897 3.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Valija Gitana Plaza las Americas Boutique (787) 765-7903 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan
Vivant Boutique Boutique (787) 723-3593 Old San Juan
Womens Secret Boutique (787) 756-3011 4.1 mi. Southeast of Central Old San Juan

Food and Grocery

Need to pick up some food supplies? Kasalta Bakery, Inc. is found within Ocean Park, 3.9 mi. East of central Old San Juan. This spot is a mixture of a deli, bakery, and bistro, where you'll find a nice selection of gourmet fare. This includes dinner dishes like fish and vegetables, baked goods, sandwiches and the ingredients to make sandwiches, and more. If you have questions, call them at (787) 727-6593.

Another possibility is Old San Juan Farmers Market, which is found 4.1 mi. (6.5 km) to the west of Kasalta Bakery, Inc.. The Farmer's Market in Old San Juan is the best place to find friendly people and fresh food. It began in 2010, thanks to a group of proactive locals, immediately becoming a success. If you have questions, call them at (787) 721-3358.

Review this table if you want more information.

Food and Grocery Stores Around Old San Juan
Name Type Phone Location
Fefo's Bakery (787) 721-7330 Old San Juan
Kasalta Bakery, Inc. Bakery (787) 727-6593 3.9 mi. East of Central Old San Juan
Old San Juan Farmers Market Fruit and Vegetable Market (787) 721-3358 Old San Juan
Supermercado Amigo Caparra Grocery Store (787) 782-9425 3.9 mi. South of Central Old San Juan

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