Attractions in the Area Around Hotel De La Fuente

1 | Banquitas House of Culture

Set along the banks of the New River is a lovely little museum and cultural center that provides guests with insight into the histories and lives of local residents, as well as provides a place for those who live in the area to come together to revel in the arts. This place is called Banquitas House of Culture.

Travel a short distance from Hotel De La Fuente to reach this museum.

2 | Cuello Mayan Archaeological Site

The Cuello Maya Archaeological Site is an active archaeological site under study that welcomes the public to come in and learn more about the people who live in Belize centuries ago. With a focus on the Maya, these sites have uncovered tales from all of Belize history.

Found within traveling distance from Orange Walk, this historical site is approximately four and a half miles (approximately seven kilometers) to the south-southwest of Hotel De La Fuente.

3 | Lamanai Mayan Archaeological Site

One of the public archaeological sites in Belize, Lamanai features one of the longest inhabited Maya sites. Estimated to have been settled around 1500 BC, the Mayas lived here for nearly 3000 years until being conquered by the Spanish.

Guests can find this historical site 19.0 miles (30.6 km) from Hotel De La Fuente.

The map depicts 3 local attractions travelers can find within 19 miles (30 and a half kilometers) of Hotel De La Fuente. The most conveniently located option being Banquitas House of Culture (reference number 1), which guests will find a short distance from the hotel. For more information about the options available in the vicinity, or to get a broader view of the area, click on various points to explore the map further. The numbers shown on the pins above match up with the numbers found in the following table.

Attractions Near Hotel De La Fuente
Map No. Type Attraction Name Distance from Hotel
1 Museum Banquitas House of Culture 0.1 mi. (0.1 km)
2 Historical Site Cuello Mayan Archaeological Site 4.3 mi. (6.9 km)
3 Historical Site Lamanai Mayan Archaeological Site 19.0 mi. (30.6 km)


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