Map of Accommodations in Oranjestad

1 | Blue Village

The resort offers both temporary stays, as well as a building designated for students and travelers who plan to stay for a duration of three months or longer. There is always something to do around the Aruba Blue Village.

Guests can find this villa complex in the neighborhood of Aruba Blue Village, approximately a mile and a half (approximately two and a half kilometers) north of the center of Oranjestad.

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1 | Aruba Tropic Apartments

Whether you'll be staying for awhile on business, or you prefer a place that feels like home, Aruba Tropic Apartments is for you. These fully furnished apartments have more than enough room for comfort and the staff is more than happy to help with any of your needs.

Found at 251-E Tanki Leendert, this apartment building is located approximately a mile and a half (approximately two and a half kilometers) to the northeast of the center of Oranjestad.

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1 | Paradera Park

Hidden away in the heart of Aruba, Paradera Park offers intimate accommodations for everything from friendly getaways to romantic rendezvous.

Travel 2.7 miles (4.3 km) to the east-northeast from the center of Oranjestad to reach this apartment building, which is located at 203 Paradera.

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1 | Harmony Apartments

However, the best part of the Aruba Harmony Apartments is the tranquility and comfort offered by the hospitable staff. You will be located in the heart of all the busy city life, but once you return to the resort you will feel as though you have traveled far away from the chaos.

Go a short distance away to the northeast from the center of Oranjestad to reach this hotel, which is situated at 9 Palmitastraat.

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1 | Wonders Aruba

Wonders is an eco-friendly adults only boutique hotel owned by Gaston Verlaan who had long dreamed of operating his own hotel before he finally opened this unique spot. Classy, luxurious, environmentally conscious, and tropical are all ways to describe the property, but add to that the quiet, privacy, and beauty of the property and you have a real winning combination.

Situated in the city of Oranjestad, this hotel is 0.3 miles (0.4 km) from the center of Oranjestad.

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1 | Renaissance Aruba

Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino is a unique island oasis featuring the only private beaches in Aruba. With customized lodging options for couples and families, every traveler will find the perfect accommodations at the Renaissance.

This resort is located on the water, and is only 0.6 miles (1.0 km) south of the center of Oranjestad.

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1 | Marina Hotel

A charming and modern property with a passion for sustainable living, Surfside Beach Marina Hotel is a retreat that allows guests to get in touch with nature without having to give up on the luxurious amenities that they yearn for then they get away.

You can find this hotel on the coast, a little more than a mile (approximately a kilometer and a half) south-southeast of the center of Oranjestad.

2 | Talk Of The Town

Talk Of The Town Hotel And Beach Club's location is perfect for those visitors traveling to Aruba for business and ideal for those vacationers looking for a more quiet and peaceful break. Intimate, charming and inviting, the Talk of the Town Hotel and Beach Club is pleased to offer the services and facilities that any traveler on pleasure or business would expect to receive in any major hotel.

Found at 2 L G Smith Boulevard, this hotel is located a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Surfside Beach Marina Hotel.

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1 | Camacuri Apartments

This authentic Aruba-style facility offers comfortable studio apartments and suites, No matter what your lodging choice may be, the Camacuri Apartments strives to provide you with the highest quality of service and amenities.

This villa complex is situated 1.4 miles (2.2 km) from Oranjestad, and is at 46-B Avenida Milio Croes.

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1 | Vistalmar

Vistalmar Oceanview Apartments is an affordable vacation rental property set away from the crowds that Aruba is known for during the height of tourism. You'll still have access to all of the local attractions, but feel like you're in a whole different world when you return to your apartment at night.

This apartment building is located at 28 Bucutiweg, and is approximately two and a half miles (approximately four kilometers) southeast of the center of Oranjestad.

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This map contains the location of 10 accommodations in Oranjestad.

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Points of Interest Near Oranjestad
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Aruba Blue Village 2.0 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad
Aruba Harmony Apartments 1.1 mi. Northeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Aruba Tropic Apartments 2.0 mi. Northeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Camacuri Apartments 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Paradera Park Paradera, 2.7 mi. East-Northeast of Central Oranjestad
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Downtown Oranjestad
Surfside Beach Marina Hotel 0.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Talk Of The Town Hotel And Beach Club 1.0 mi. Southeast of Downtown Oranjestad
Vistalmar Oceanview Apartments 2.4 mi. Southeast of Central Oranjestad
Wonders Aruba 0.7 mi. North of Downtown Oranjestad


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