Attractions in Oranjestad

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Oranjestad is Aruba's capital city and the top choice for many tourists.  From days spent shopping and beach hopping to evenings dining and gambling, there is always something to see and do here.  Of great importance are the landmarks which include several museums, but there are also sites of the natural sort to keep guests busy. 


Surfside Beach

You'll find an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at some of these beaches, if some members of your party enjoy this relaxing pastime. You can click on each beach name to read a detailed article concerning that beach.

A local beach where you can go snorkeling is Surfside Beach. This is a popular spot for boaters, and with the airport nearby, you'll definitely see some planes coming in and out. Though it's not as quiet as some other beaches in Aruba, the interesting beach vibe and nearby nightclub always makes for good people-watching and a fun time.

Attractions Map

Another good option for those who enjoy snorkeling is Renaissance Island. If you're not staying at the Renaissance Resort, you can still come to the island for $75. Either way, taking a boat is necessary.

North Renaissance Beach: If you find yourself across on Renaissance Island, you can head to the far north for a secluded beach that is perfect for catching some sun and watching the planes take of and land at Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Oranjestad and the surrounding areas have many other beaches to choose from. Follow this link to view our page concerning beaches for Oranjestad.

Landmark Attractions

National Archaeological Museum Aruba

Many travelers choose to visit Aruba Aloe Balm Museum. It is situated in northern Oranjestad. Aloe is arguable Aruba's most significant export and an important aspect of the island's economy. Since aloe was brought to Aruba in 1890, the industry has flourished here and Aruban aloe can now be found worldwide.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is National Archaeological Museum Aruba. It is found in downtown Oranjestad. Open Tuesday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Museo Historico Arubano: There are several exhibits in the museum that will help give anyone a deeper understanding of the Aruban story, an insight into its rich history, and a look at how the islanders have grown as a people.

These examples are only some of what's available. To navigate to our complete guide to other interesting places to visit in and around the area, click this link.

Natural Attractions

Aruba Ostrich Adventures

Bubali Bird Sanctuary is one of the natural attractions that's popular with visitors. Located in the area surrounding Bubali Pond, Bubali Bird Sanctuary seeks to create a safe refuge for a variety of coastal birds, including pelicans, sandpipers, and storks.

Aruba Ostrich Adventures is a second outdoor attraction you might want to visit. Ostriches may not be what comes to mind when one thinks of Aruba, but the Aruba Ostrich Adventure nonetheless is home to a number of ostrich that guests come from all over the island to see. While it may not be the "natural Aruba" it is still an interesting sight to see.

Oranjestad has quite a few other choices. Read this article about natural attractions in and near Oranjestad if you want to discover additional specifics.


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These examples are just a sample of the available choices. You can go to this article concerning gaming in and near Oranjestad if you'd like to discover more specifics.


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