Buses in Oranjestad

Public transport is a big plus in the urban center of Oranjestad

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Where transportation is concerned, Aruba may be most proud of their public transportation system. Throughout the Caribbean, it is normal to be distrustful of any posted bus schedules, as drivers seem to travel at their own time, stopping to pick up passengers on a whim. Not in Oranjestad or anywhere else on the island – here, this reliable form of transportation is even commonly used by local business professionals.

Easily spotted thanks to their brightly painted exterior, the buses in Oranjestad simply look like a great time. Buses are inexpensive at just $2.30(USD) per one way trip, and can get you to most of the major attractions in town, including major shopping centers and all of the popular beaches. You may need to hail a taxi to get you directly to a restaurant if you don't want to walk a few blocks, but over all, this still may end up saving you more than if you were to rent a car that you wouldn't use very often.

Buses are run by the government to offer public transportation, although private charters are available for a fee. The main bus terminal is located in the center of the city, on Lloyd G Smith Boulevard, and can be reached by calling 297-588-0616.

As you become accustomed to the local bus system, you will quickly realize that a sign on each bus tells you which route it is taking, making it easy for you to determine if you're getting on the right one each time. You can trust the buses to run Monday through Saturday, with limited options on Sunday, and are some of the most punctual buses in the region. You may have to wait an extra five minute here and there, but on the whole, they can be relied upon to get you where you need to go on time.

Check out this chart for suggested routes and times, but remember to be flexible if you decide to make the bus system your main mode of transport. Note that Bus 1 and Bus 8 provide transportation from the airport to the main bus terminal approximately every half hour, so you can even take the bus as soon as you arrive on the island.

When you are on the bus, you'll notice that the driver uses a whistle to indicate an upcoming stop. Press the button on the wall if you'd like to get off next. If nobody presses the button, and nobody is waiting on the side of the road, the bus may continue to drive to the next stop.

With an option like the public buses in Oranjestad available for use, those planning a vacation in this destination have a lot of thinking to do with regards to how they'll structure their transportation budget. Utilizing these vehicles as a main form of transportation is readily recommended, allowing those who want to allocated larger sums of money elsewhere to do so without batting an eye.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Line 1 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Dakota Bus Stop San Nicholas Bus Stop
Line 5 Seroe Blanco Bus Stop Paradera Bus Stop, Tanki Lender Bus Stop, Jaburibari Bus Stop, Pirikichi Bus Stop, Santa Cruz Bus Stop, Piedra Plat Bus Stop, Oranjestad Bus Terminal
Line 7 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Ponton Bus Stop, Boegoeroei Bus Stop, Bakval Bus Stop, Mariott Bus Stop, Phoenix Bus Stop, Palm Beach Bus Stop Palm Beach Bus Stop
Line 10 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Hotel Area Bus Stop Malmok Bus Stop
Line 8 Dakota Bus Stop AUA Bus Stop, AUA Bus Stop, Pos Chicquitos Bus Stop, Barcadera Bus Stop Oranjestad Bus Terminal

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