Natural Attractions in Oranjestad

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While Oranjestad is the island's busiest city, it is also home to some of the most popularly visited natural tourist attractions.  These include zoos and parks on land, as well as underwater sites that may only be visited by snorkelers and divers. 

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Do you like spending time outside? You might be pleased to know the area has several interesting nature preserves nearby.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a nature preserve found within the vicinity of Palm Beach, 3.3 mi. North-Northwest of central Oranjestad. The only activity that Bubali Bird Sanctuary offers is bird-watching. Just beware, if you do not go around dusk or dawn, you are unlikely to see much.

Attractions Map

Adventurers hoping to locate a another great natural attraction will be interested in seeing places like Donkey Sanctuary Aruba. Visitors are welcome to come explore the property to learn about the friendly animal in between relaxing on the porch with a cold drink, coffee, tea, or ice cream. A unique feature of this experience is that visitors are invited to walk around the donkeys, petting or cuddling them.

Arikok National Park: At the center of the island of Aruba is Mount Arikok, and the surrounding Arikok National Park. The largest natural attraction on the island, this National Park is incredibly conscientious of the local eco-sytem, and invites guests to carefully enjoy Aruba's nature via nature walks, camping (with proper permits), and more.

Check out the chart below to read more about nature preserves.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Oranjestad
Name Type Location
Arikok National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.1 mi. East of Central Oranjestad
Bubali Bird Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve The vicinity of Palm Beach, 3.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Donkey Sanctuary Aruba Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 4.5 mi. East-Southeast of Central Oranjestad


Fontein Caves

Although most visitors to the area have heard about the beautiful water and coastline, those aren't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Areas near Oranjestad some interesting choices, including 3 caves.

You should consider visiting Fontein Caves, which is located 8.3 mi. East of central Oranjestad. Fontein Cave is not only a unique natural attraction in Aruba, but it is an important part of history. Cave drawings and other artifacts that have been found over the years give scientists a clue that the native Arawak Indians once performed tribal rituals in this spot.

An additional attraction Guadirikiri Caves. It is found 9.0 mi. East of central Oranjestad. Located on the property of the Arikok National Park, Guadirikiri Caves are fabled to be the spot where two lovers burst through the rocks to create the two domed entrances, and flew to heaven. Though fascinating, many guests find it hard to believe that this dark and gritty spot is the site of anything so romantic.

The table below enables you to get a few details concerning caves.

Caves Near Oranjestad
Name Type Location
Fontein Caves Cave 8.3 mi. East of Central Oranjestad
Guadirikiri Caves Cave 9.0 mi. East of Central Oranjestad
Tunnel of Love Cave 9.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central Oranjestad


Guests can enjoy one of the many parks in and around Oranjestad.

The parks worth looking into are shown in the chart below.

Parks In and Around Oranjestad
Name Type Location
Natural Bridge Park 4.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Oranjestad
Noord Mountain Park Park Sabana Lider, 2.9 mi. North of Central Oranjestad
Park Curazon Park Jaburibari, 2.7 mi. Northeast of Central Oranjestad
Signature Park Park The vicinity of Palm Beach, 3.6 mi. North-Northwest of Central Oranjestad
Wilhelmina Park Park Downtown Oranjestad

Zoos and Aquariums

Aruba Ostrich Adventures

If the concept of spending some time surrounded by animals tickles your fancy, you should visit Aruba Ostrich Adventures. If you're traveling here from the high rise hotels, take the A1 towards Oranjestad and take a left at the first traffic circle. Go straight through two more traffic circles, and turn left when you reach the fourth.

Another related option is The Butterfly Farm. The farm is located across from the Phoenix and Riu High Rise hotels.

Take some time to look through the table just below if you want more information.

Zoos Near Oranjestad
Name Type Location
Aruba Ostrich Adventures Zoo Bushiribana, 3.9 mi. Northeast of Central Oranjestad
The Butterfly Farm Zoo The vicinity of Palm Beach, 3.6 mi. North-Northwest of Central Oranjestad

Bear in mind, you'll find a nice selection of kinds attractions available. Follow this link to view our extended discussion of other interesting attractions for Oranjestad.


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