Transportation Options for Oyster Pond

Planning your transportation for Oyster Pond is easy to pull off

Nestled right between both the Dutch and French sides of the island, Oyster Pond is claimed by St. Maarten and serves as a cozy, quiet destination loved by pleasure sailors and those interested in a quieter getaway than some of the other towns in the area have to offer.  Planning your transportation may not be the first thing on your mind when you begin dreaming of Oyster Pond, but there are several different options to consider for traveling to the island as well as how you'll get around when you arrive. 

Air Travel

Princess Juliana International Airport is the main portal of entry for tourists no matter where they stay on the island.  It is located just a few minutes away in Simpson Bay and consistently welcomes flights from around the world, especially from the United States and within the Caribbean.  Most people have no problem booking a flight that works with their schedule, even if it may mean a connection in another airport.  Take a look at which airlines land at Princess Juliana here


Oyster Pond is home to what is considered to be St. Maarten's most picturesque marina.  Colorful sailboats dot the waters, which are surrounded by lush greenery and tropical flowers.  Philipsburg and Simpson Bay are the official ports of entry, so your first stop will have to be at either towns to meet with customs and immigration to have your boat and paperwork inspected before gaining clearance.  Cruising permits are not required, so you should be able to sail directly to “The Pond” without issue.  Learn more about the process by clicking here.  


Philipsburg is home to St. Maarten's bustling cruise port, which can house up to a dozen liners at once.  For some cruisers, there is just too much to handle, and a taxi ride to the much quieter Oyster Pond is just what they need.  The great thing about cruising to the island is that it is so small you can choose a spot to visit without worrying that you'll have to race back to the boat at departure time. 

Rental Cars

You can rent a car in Oyster Pond with ease if you are over the age of 25 and are in possession of an international driver's license.  Roads are good and drivers are courteous so those who typically don't enjoy driving in a foreign country will be pleased with the conditions that await them.  Click here to learn more. 


The rates for taxis in Oyster Pond and throughout the island are set by the government, so haggling won't be an issue.  You can ask your driver for the rate card when you get in and know exactly how much you'll pay.  Note that the cards list rates for two passengers, and if you have extra people riding with you it will be an extra $4(USD) per person.  It may also cost extra to transport luggage if you have more than one piece per person.  The cost of taking a taxi also goes up overnight, and you won't want to forget to tip about 15 percent of your total bill.  


The public buses on St. Maarten are perhaps slightly more reliable than elsewhere in the Caribbean, but you still should not expect a precise schedule.  This is because they are privately owned mini-buses that travel around the island on what seems to be a set schedule and route, but drivers will stop frequently to pick up and drop off passengers anywhere along the road – and they may also be persuaded to go off route for a tip.  Rates range from $3 to $(USD) per person, and drivers accept both Euros and US Dollars. 


At this time there is one ferry to St. Barthelemy out of Oyster Pond and four different services that depart from the ferry terminal in Philipsburg and make trips both locally and out to other nearby islands including Saba, Anguilla, and St. Barthelemy.  If you're interested in doing some day tripping, click here for details about schedules and pricing. 

Oyster Pond may not be the busiest tourist destination in St. Maarten, but the town still benefits from all of the same transportation options as Philipsburg and Simpson Bay.  Whether you want to fly or sail, drive yourself or hire someone else to take you around, you can make it happen easily here. 


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