Palm Beach Buses

Buses are an added bonus to the other transportation options available in Palm Beach

Tourists staying in Palm Beach usually have one thing in mind: spending their days with their feet in the sand, the sun on their back, and a cold drink in their hand. Walking back and forth between their resort and the beach is a common practice, and because of this many visitors avoid renting a car. But when it comes time to get out and explore the rest of the island, public transportation makes it easy to do.

Covered bus stops with a map and route schedule posted on the wall line the streets of Aruba, and the brightly colored, beautifully painted buses that stop at them are frequently and easily spotted heading from one destination to the next. The main bus stop on the island is located in Oranjestad on Lloyd G Smith Boulevard, and the buses make the rounds stopping at the airport, popular resort areas, major shopping centers, beaches and more, included several spots in Palm Beach. They run daily with limited services on Sunday, and cost $2.30(USD) per person each time they got on. This may seem like a high price to pay for the bus, but these are some of the best and most reliable buses in the region, and there is some upkeep involved in keeping them that way. Plus, if you compare the cost to taking a taxi, it doesn't seem so bad.

In addition to acting as people movers, buses are also a great way for visitors to experience local culture. Buses are rarely quiet, instead filled with conversations being had by riders, and locals will often engage tourists in a chat about how their stay is going. To make sure no one misses their stop, as the driver approaches the next stop, he or she will blow a whistle. If you're getting off, press the button on the wall to signal you plan to do so. Drivers here have a habit of completely blowing by a stop if there is nobody waiting to be picked up, so if you haven't made it known you're getting off, you may not have a chance to do so.

There is a lot to recommend using the bus service in Palm Beach, even if it may be a bit pricy. If you're considering skipping renting a car and going with the flow, you'll be happy to find that the buses here can easily help you to do so.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Line 7 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Ponton Bus Stop, Boegoeroei Bus Stop, Bakval Bus Stop, Mariott Bus Stop, Phoenix Bus Stop, Palm Beach Bus Stop Palm Beach Bus Stop
Line 10 Oranjestad Bus Terminal Hotel Area Bus Stop Malmok Bus Stop

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