Landmarks in Palm Beach

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Beaches lined with high rise hotels, dining, and shopping centers are the extent of the tourist attractions in Palm Beach.  For many people who visit this trendy town, this is all they need for an enjoyable vacation, but others desire a little bit of culture thrown into the mix.  These tourists can head south of town to Oranjestad where they'll find a large number of museums and other landmarks to explore. 


National Archaeological Museum Aruba

In case you like to become more aware of other people and places, you should consider visiting a museum while on vacation in Palm Beach. To read detailed information concerning each museum, just click on the name.

A landmark worth visiting is Aruba Aloe Balm Museum. It is found within Oranjestad, 2.1 mi. South of central Palm Beach. Monday to Friday tours are offer from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Saturday tours run from 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon.

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Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is National Archaeological Museum Aruba. It is located in downtown Oranjestad, 3.5 mi. South of central Palm Beach. Located in downtown Oranjestad, this is both museum and research institution whose purpose is to educate locals and tourists alike about Aruba's colorful history and preserve that knowledge through the generations.

Museo Historico Arubano: The museum is open on weekdays only, from 8:30am until 4:00pm.

The following chart lists more details regarding some museums you might enjoy nearby.

Museums Near Palm Beach
Name Phone Location
Aruba Aloe Balm Museum (297) 588-3222 2.1 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Aruba Numismatic Museum (297) 582-8831 3.7 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Museo Historico Arubano (297) 582-6099 Downtown Oranjestad, 3.7 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
National Archaeological Museum Aruba (297) 582-8879 Downtown Oranjestad, 3.5 mi. South of Central Palm Beach

Historical Sites

Fort Zoutman

If you enjoy experiencing the historical roots of an unfamiliar place, you might enjoy visiting a few of these historical sites during your time in Palm Beach.

One popular destination is Fort Zoutman. It is found within downtown Oranjestad, 3.7 mi. South of central Palm Beach. This fort warded off English attack in 1799 and is the oldest building on Aruba. Through the years it functioned as many important things, from police station to library.

Another common landmark for vacationers is Bushiribana. It is located within Bushiribana, 4.8 mi. East of central Palm Beach. The site of a two former gold smelters built in 1825 by the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company, these ruins are a popular stop for visitors on there way to visit the Natural Bridge, and can't help but snap a few pictures of the unique rock formations.

Balashi Gold Mill Ruins: The ruins of an old gold mill, the old site today is a frequent stop for visitors exploring the area. However, there is little here other than the ruins, so you may need a guide or some background knowledge if you were hoping for historical context.

Be sure to look at this table to see historic sites near Palm Beach.

Historic Sites Near Palm Beach
Name Phone Location
Balashi Gold Mill Ruins -- 7.8 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
Bushiribana -- 4.8 mi. East of Central Palm Beach
Fort Zoutman -- Downtown Oranjestad, 3.7 mi. South of Central Palm Beach

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests may enjoy some other worthwhile places to visit close to Palm Beach.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Palm Beach
Name Type Location Island
California Lighthouse Lighthouse 3.0 mi. North of Central Palm Beach Aruba

If you are looking for more points of interest beyond what's offered on this page, you might want to cast a wider net. For a more thorough discussion of other attractions, go to this page.


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