Belgian Cuisine in Palm Beach

If, on your travels, you know you're going to want some Belgian cuisine, don't pass up an opportunity to satisfy your hunger. Even though you may find your options somewhat limited, there are a couple of restaurants in Aruba where you can try some.

With plenty of variety, from the informal atmosphere beloved by diners at Taste of Belgium Restaurant to the restaurants where drinks are as much a part of dinner as the dishes they serve, you may very well stumble upon something you absolutely love.

The following list allows you to get a taste for the small handful of Belgian places you could try during your stay. Click on one of the options to see the full article about its ambiance, locale, dress code, and more.

Taste of Belgium Restaurant

Palm Beach | (297) 586-6388

Taste of Belgium Restaurant

Taste of Belgium Restaurant, which is on the premises of Palm Beach Shopping Mall, is found in the eastern outskirts of Palm Beach, in the vicinity of Noord. Considered by most to be an informal dining option, it's not hard to see why people come here to "put their feet up".

True to the restaurants name, this spot truly offers the "Taste of Belgium," where everything on the menu makes you feel as though you are dining in Belgium itself, from the specialty brewed Belgian beers to the Flemish Beef Stew.

Le Dome

The vicinity of Palm Beach | (297) 587-1517

Le Dome is located near Noord; it's to the south west of Palm Beach. Looking to enjoy much-loved local cuisine in a fun and completely informal environment? Give some thought to the naturally relaxing bites and backdrop at this place.

Similar Food

2 Fools And A Bull

If you're willing to step just outside the box, maybe you should explore related flavor profiles at establishments like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
2 Fools And A Bull (297) 586-7177 French 0.5 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
La Vista (297) 520-6601 Italian 0.7 mi. North of Central Palm Beach
Le Bistro (297) 586-7393 Mediterranean 0.2 mi. Northeast of Central Palm Beach
Ellioti's Ristorante Italiano (297) 593-6319 Italian Manchebo, 2.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Palm Beach
La Creperie de Paseo (297) 586-3200 French 0.3 mi. Northeast of Central Palm Beach
Yemanja Woodfired Grill (297) 588-4711 Mediterranean Downtown Oranjestad, 3.6 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Urataka Center Best Pizza (297) 585-5212 Italian Macurima, 6.4 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
Paris Restaurant (297) 582-1363 French 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Little Ceasar's Pizza (297) 583-2000 Italian 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Little Caesar's Oranjestad (297) 583-2000 Italian 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach

Oftentimes, the best restaurants in Aruba are those that you find unexpectedly while journeying to and from your hotel. However, including the addresses of a few dining possibilities on a checklist, means even your fall-back options are good ones. To read much more concerning the kinds of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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