Japanese Cuisine in Palm Beach

While staying in Aruba, you'll happen upon a variety of restaurants, cafes, and places with delicious cocktails. If you have a taste for Japanese food in particular, then you should take note of the places where it's always on the menu. Fortunately, there's a good bunch of dining options that have it on the menu.

From the informal atmosphere at Gari & Wasabi to the inviting dinner service at Nobushi, there's something special waiting for each guest and every mood.

Restaurants Map

The list below allows you to read up on the rather large selection of Japanese restaurants awaiting Aruba's guests. For each restaurant, you can click its name to read the full article about its hours, location, and other offerings.

Ketsu Sushi Bar

The vicinity of Palm Beach | 297 5 206580

Located 1.3 miles northwest of Noord, Ketsu Sushi Bar is on the premises of Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. From the restaurant, Palm Beach is about three quarters of a mile (a little more than a kilometer) to the south. Hoping to indulge a bit on sushi during your stay? If you say yes, remember the name Ketsu Sushi Bar and make it a must-do item on your list.

E Sushi Shap

Noord | (297) 587-2012

Situated 1.7 miles northeast of Oranjestad, E Sushi Shap is on Tanki Lendert. Noord is approximately a mile and a half (approximately two and a half kilometers) to the north-northwest. Head on over to this restaurant in Noord when you just can't help your cravings for sushi. Their signature roll is called "Island Maki," E rolls that comes with shrimp temporized inside and on top they add shaved coconut and serve it on their house sauce, "sweet coco sauce." They are also known to be the only sushi place to use and serve Lion Fish. Their most popular roll is called "Buddha," and is a fried plantain rolled up with crispy salmon, fried and topped with a warm crab salad will leave you feeling like a true Buddha.

Gari & Wasabi

Oranjestad | (297) 586-0078

Gari & Wasabi is found in the eastern outskirts of Oranjestad. Out-of-towners who desire sushi will wholly enjoy dining here during a trip to Oranjestad. Contemporary decor gives way to cozy booths and tables as guests can choose sushi on a conveyor belt or order something special off the menu.


Palm Beach | (297) 586-6789

Positioned near the heart of Palm Beach, Benihana is a good choice for guests thinking about going to this town and adjacent areas. When the whole group's banking on finding a really excellent Japanese meal without all the fuss, this mellow, informal restaurant is a safe bet.

Sushi-Ya at Playa Linda

Palm Beach | (297) 586-9949

Sushi-Ya at Playa Linda, which is part of Playa Linda Beach Resort, is located toward the center of Palm Beach. With a following of food lovers, this destination isn't known simply for its Japanese creations and one favorite, seafood, but it's also fawned-over for another favorite, sushi. This place is laid back as far as the exotic fare lends the place. It's like an adventure for your taste buds. The atmosphere is almost anticipatory waiting to see what will be served next.

Japanese Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Benihana 0.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 586-6789
Blossoms Central Palm Beach Asian, Chinese, Japanese (297) 586-3388
E Sushi Shap 2.6 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 587-2012
Gari & Wasabi 3.8 mi. South-Southeast of Central Palm Beach Caribbean, Japanese (297) 586-0078
Ketsu Sushi Bar 0.7 mi. North of Central Palm Beach Japanese 297 5 206580
Nobushi 0.2 mi. Northeast of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 586-2211
Sensei Sushi Bar Macurima, 6.4 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 585-0508
Sushi-Ya at Playa Linda 0.1 mi. North of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 586-9949
Sushi-Ya at Renaissance Marketplace Downtown Oranjestad, 3.8 mi. South of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 583-9982
Tatami Sushi Bar 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach Japanese (297) 582-9945

Similar Food

Universal Seafood Restaurant

For something different in the same ballpark, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Kowloon (297) 582-4950 Asian Downtown Oranjestad, 3.5 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Chubby Panda (297) 586-0809 Asian 0.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Palm Beach
Town Dragon Restaurant (297) 583-8044 Chinese 8.7 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
Cafe Japengo (297) 586-1234 ext. 36 Asian 0.0 mi. Northwest of Central Palm Beach
Hung Paradise Restaurant (297) 588-5243 Chinese Downtown Oranjestad, 3.8 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Hing Loon Restaurant (297) 582-2378 Asian 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Palm Grill Oceanfront Restaurant (800) 554-2008 Asian 2.7 mi. South of Central Palm Beach
Hoi Sing Chinese Bar-Restaurant (297) 584-7617 Chinese 10.8 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
Peking Restaurant (297) 584-1299 Asian Macurima, 6.4 mi. Southeast of Central Palm Beach
King Fung Restaurant (297) 583-6399 Asian 3.2 mi. South of Central Palm Beach

Also, if you're still looking for that special something, try a local specialty like the sushi prepared at Wong Sheung Wong.

Sometimes, the most satisfying cuisines in Aruba are the ones you stumble upon as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. But, keeping at least a few interesting-sounding restaurants in your daily itinerary, might make sense for your travel preferences. To discover more details concerning the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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