Palm Beach Transportation Options

Get to Aruba by sea or by air, then stick to ground transportation to get around Palm Beach

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Set between Oranjestad and Noord, Palm Beach is one of the island's most popular tourist destinations. Getting there is easy as it getting around once you've arrived, with only three feasible options apiece to choose from, so tourists shouldn't have a tough time making decisions with regards to transportation for their vacation in paradise.

Getting There

The fastest and most direct route to Palm Beach will be to fly aboard a jumbo jet from the international airport nearest your home town to Oranjestad, Aruba. However, some people crave adventure and will want to sail the Caribbean before reaching their final destination. Yet, one more option exists: a luxurious Caribbean cruise that will make port in Aruba for just one day, allowing you to hop over to Palm Beach for a day of exploration or a lazy time in the sand.

Getting Around

Once people arrive at their beach side resort in Palm Beach, they tend to stay put, making transportation options fairly easy. Still, not everyone will sink their feet into the sand and refuse to move until it is time to go home. For this reason it helps to be knowledgeable about rental cars, taxis, and buses.

Air Travel

A short 20 minutes away from Palm Beach is where you'll find Aruba's only airport, the Reina Beatrix International Airport, which is located in the capital city of Oranjestad. Hundreds of flights arrive here daily from the United States and Canada, with a smaller number making the trip from Europe and Latin America, but it is easy to find connecting flights from larger hubs in the Caribbean or the U.S. Once passengers touch down, they'll find the airport to be spacious, modern, and conveniently set up, making it easy to navigate and a pleasure to pass through. Find out more about flying to your dream Palm Beach getaway here.

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While vessels will not be able to sail directly into Palm Beach from foreign islands, it is still a popular destination for sailors and tourist looking for a nice day on the water. Visitors will find plenty of local charters and excursions waiting for guest around Palm Beach. In addition, after clearing with immigration at Oranjestad, international sailors will be free to head over to Palm Beach and every other area of Aruba.


Although there is no cruise port in Palm Beach, it doesn't take much to get to this popular tourist destination. After you walk through the cruise terminal in Oranjestad, which is filled with restaurants and duty free shops, you'll find that the city's main bus stop is located here, as well as a taxi stand. Just off property there are a few rental car agencies as well. Whichever form of transportation you feel comfortable with for your journey to Palm Beach is possible, and the distance between these two towns is so insignificant that planning to spend your day on land outside of the capital city is not a problem at all.

Rental Cars

There are two types of travelers who vacation in Palm Beach. Those tho plan to spend their entire vacation on resort property and won't have need for a rental car, and those who feel compelled to get out and explore. The latter group will need a rental car if they want to save money and avoid numerous taxi trips. You can rent a car as soon as you arrive on the island either at the airport or near one of the docks, then make the short trip to Palm Beach. Some tips for driving on the island include sticking to the right side of the road, always wear a seat belt, and make sure to follow the speed limited – which are posted in kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour.

Find out more about renting a car and driving in Palm Beach by viewing our rental car guide.


As aforementioned, some tourists needn't rent a car because they'll spend the bulk of their time at their resort, or within walking distance. These folks can rely on local private taxi services to get them from the airport or the docks to their hotel, and then to shopping centers, restaurants, and local attractions when they aren't up for walking. Taxis on the island are not overpriced thanks to rates set in advance by the government, but they will quickly add up, so be prepared with plenty of cab fare on hand just in case.

Learn more about taxis in Palm Beach by heading here.

With these options in mind, you are not ready to being booking your trip to Palm Beach. Make sure your final decisions keep your personal preferences, your budget, and the amount of time you have to spend traveling in mind, and you'll do fine.


Those staying in Palm Beach will find it easy to walk from their resort to the beach, and will rarely need to use the bus. Still, it is there and available to them if they don't feel like walking, or have the urge to explore other parts of the island. The buses here run on a fairly strict schedule, so you can typically rely on them if you have an apointment or reservation to make, and they won't leave you waiting for a long period of time wondering where they are. Routes can be found posted at bus stops and the path each bus follows is scrawled on the front of each bus. If you're considering taking the bus, you can find details about the local public transportation system, as well as specific routes and fees here.

With these options in mind, you are not ready to being booking your trip to Palm Beach. Make sure your final decisions keep your personal preferences, your budget, and the amount of time you have to spend traveling in mind, and you'll do fine.


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