Boating and Sailing Near Paradise Island

Over 100,000 people sail to Nassau each year, and many people break off and sail over to Paradise Island

Photo credit: © Orlando Kairus, MD

Linked to Nassau in nearly every way, even sailing is dependent on Nassau for most of the marina and entertainment options. Of course, there are a few luxury options available on Paradise Island, though they are all often overshadowed by other, cheaper options on New Providence.

Travel time between Miami, Florida and Paradise Island is somewhere between six and eight hours, and you'll need to fly your yellow quarantine flag as you near the island. You can contact port authority at VHF channel 16 to let them know you're on your way, and an official will meet with you to go over your proof of citizenship and help you to fill our your immigration forms when you arrive. Then, you will pay a fee of between $150 and $300(USD) depending upon the size of your vessel, for a cruising and fishing permit that covers up to four people.

If you want to experience some time on the open water, without the stress and cost associated with renting a boat you can join an excursion. Curious what's included and how long a trip lasts? Check out the chart that follows to find information on area day sailing companies.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location Island
Flying Cloud (242) 394-5067 Paradise Island Ferry Terminal - 0.3 mi. (0.5 km) West-Southwest of Paradise Island New Providence
Sandy Toes (242) 363-8637 Sandy Toes - Rose Island Rose Island

If you are starting to research chartering a vessel, you can reserve one from these area firms:

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Bahama Boat Excursions (242) 421-0071 0.3 mi. (0.5 km) West-Southwest of Paradise Island
Dream Yacht Charter (855) 650-8902 4.8 mi. (7.8 km) Southeast of Paradise Island


The largest resort on the island, Atlantis Harborside Resort, caters to sailors and even has one of the best yachting marinas in the area. Amenities include tie-up and dock assistance, single- and three-phase power, telephone service, 24-hour “room” service to each vessel, daily trash pick-up, laundry services, private catering services, vending machines, and transportation between the marina and the resort.

Evaluating the option of visiting Paradise Island using your own vessel, or a vessel you charter elsewhere? The following chart lists area marinas.

Name Phone Location
Bayshore Marina 393-8233 0.3 mi. (0.5 km) West-Southwest of Paradise Island
Hurricane Hole Marina (242) 363-3600 Marina Way - 3.5 mi. (5.6 km) North-Northeast of Nassau
Marina Village Docks (242) 327-6400 0.2 mi. (0.3 km) West of Paradise Island
Paradise Harbour Club Marina (242) 363-2992 0.8 mi. (1.3 km) East of Paradise Island

With such a short amount of travel time between Florida and Paradise Island, it makes perfect sense why this is such a popular destination amongst yachts. Even if you don't sail yourself, there are a number of ways to get out on the open sea, and you should definitely make plans to do so during your stay.


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