Taxis on Paradise Island

Taxis are the main method of transportation on Paradise Island

Because of the all-inclusive nature of Paradise Island, many tourists choose to forgo renting a vehicle and instead choose to hire a taxi service when they are in need of transport to a place where they cannot walk or get a ride from their resort shuttle. Thankfully, taxis here are clean and known for their friendly customer service.

Taxi Companies

It isn't hard to find a taxi on Paradise Island. The drivers know that their best bet is to stick to hotels, beaches, restaurants, shopping areas, and other popular attractions, and so you'll almost always see a driver waiting to pick up a passenger in any of these locations.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Rates for taxi services in the Bahamas are strictly put in place by the government, and your driver should have a list of how much it will take you to get from one place to another in his or her vehicle.

...negotiate the price...


There are a few extra expenses to be aware of. First, to cross the bridge to Paradise Island it costs $1(USD) in toll fare. So, if you're catching a cab from the airport to your resort, or you'd like to spend some time in Nassau you'll need to be prepared to hand a dollar to the driver as you reach the toll. Next, each rider is welcome to store two small pieces of luggage in the trunk of the car. Anything over the two piece limit will cost an extra $2(USD). Finally, be aware that the prices listed above are based on a two passenger occupancy. If you're traveling with more people it will be another $3(USD) per person.

A great perk of the taxis on Paradise Island is that they can be hired by the hour as tour guides. You'll have to negotiate the price with your driver, but it usually comes out to being about $50 to $100(USD) per hour for up to five passengers.

Tipping your driver is definitely something you should do, but as it is in the United States, you should tip based upon the level of service you receive. The common price is 15 percent of your final bill, but you are free to tip more or less.

There is no need to go out of your way to rent a car when there are so many taxis on Paradise Island just waiting to pick you up and show you around. Add in the fact that the prices are relatively inexpensive and the drivers are known for their hospitality, and you know you'll be making the right choice when you decide to make taxis your get-around go-to.


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