Paradise Island Transportation Options

There are more transportation options on Paradise Island than you might imagine given its size

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Connected to New Providence by two 600-foot bridges, many tourists agree that Paradise Island wholly lives up to its name. Home to the mega-resort Atlantis Paradise Island, everything one could ask for in a tropical getaway is available on this tiny island that is only five miles long and one mile wide. Getting to the island required either a trip over the bridge or a ferry ride, then once you are there you can walk everywhere, rely on public transportation, or rent a car to get around.

Getting There

Guests staying at Atlantis Paradise Island often fly into New Providence thanks to promotional pricing packages that include air travel. Others will have to choose between flying and sailing, and cruising to Nassau then crossing the bridge to Paradise Island is a possibility as well.

Getting Around

While renting a vehicle may seem like the most natural solution for your transportation needs on Paradise Island, it simply is not a necessity. Consider taxi, bus, and ferry services are valid options as well.

Air Travel

The airport nearest Paradise Island is the Lynden Pindling International Airport just eight miles outside of Nassau on New Providence Island. This airport is the only international airport in the island chain and is quite busy welcoming flights for people staying on New Providence Island and heading elsewhere in the island chain. Tourists staying on New Providence Island will only have to travel a half an hour after arriving at the airport, making this a great option for the first leg of your trip.

Commercial airlines from around the world are known to frequent this airport on a daily basis, so no matter where you're traveling from, you won't find it a difficult task to book a flight to this piece of paradise. Click here for more information and a full list of airlines.


Flying into the airport on New Providence and taking a taxi to Paradise Island can be expensive. While sailing your own boat or setting up a charter might not always be cheaper, you will have a much more rich experience.

Those who do decide to sail to the Bahamas will find some docks at Paradise Island, though some other nearby options on Potters Cay will probably work better. Additionally, before leaving, it will be a good idea to head over to Nassau and restock your supplies, as Nassau is regarded as the best place in the Bahamas to do this.

Finally, sailing is not limited to people with their own boats. There are a number of excursion and charter companies in the area that tourist can use to experience the seas and maritime activiites Paradise Island and the Bahamas have to offer.


The Prince George Wharf, which is located in the middle of Downtown Nassau is a popular stop for Caribbean cruisers, and many will head over to Paradise Island as part of an excursion hosted by the cruise, or just on their own to explore. The great number of sea life activities, plus the water park and beaches make Paradise Island hugely popular, so if you'd like to make sure visiting his island is on your itinerary, make sure to book your cruise which are known for sailing to New Providence Island.

...several ways to get from Paradise Island to Nassau...


Rental Cars

Most agree than renting a car on Paradise Island is completely unnecessary given the small size of the island and the ease of public transportation, however, that doesn't mean you can't rent a car if it something you need or want to do. Rentals can be obtained directly from the airport, or you can take a taxi or the ferry over to Paradise Island and rent a vehicle when you arrive at your hotel. Driving on the island shouldn't cause you any strife, but what you will have to get used to driving on the left side of the road if you're from the United States. Learn more about renting a car and driving on Paradise Island by clicking here.


Taxis are probably the most popular way for tourists staying on Paradise Island to get around the small stretch of land outside of walking. You'll find drivers waiting outside of resorts, by the beach, and nearby all of the most popular attractions. One of the most important things you need to know about taking a taxi here is that if you need to go over the bridge, you will be responsible for the $1(USD) bridge toll. Always make sure to agree upon your fare before your start driving. Some drivers charge a set rate while others have meters, so it is best to hammer out all of the details in advance. Learn more here.


When you want to take a break from the laid back lifestyle you'll encounter on Paradise Island, you can head across the bridge to the main island of New Providence Island and explore the island by bus. Between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. each day, the public bus runs, offering rides for just $1.50(USD) per person each way. The most popular route is the number 10 bus, which runs by Fort Charlotte, Ardastra Gardens, and the Cable Beach resorts. Other routes make stops by the popular beaches, restaurants, and shopping centers among other things. Take note, most buses will not cross the bus over to Paradise Island. They will however drop you off at the base of the bridge and allow you to walk across.


The ferry you'll be most concerned with for your stay is the ferry to and from Paradise Island. This ferry travels from the center of Nassau to Paradise Island non-stop. There is no set schedule, rather the ferry just continues to move back and forth between the two stops on a trip that lasts 20 minutes. Passengers pay $3(USD) each way. If you have plans to visit other islands in the chain, check out this Guide to Nassau ferries to learn more about ferry services around the Bahamas.

When you plan a trip to a place called Paradise Island, it's obvious what type of vacation you're after. Your serene, tropical getaway will be made even better if you've ironed out all of the details before you arrive. This includes making simple plans such as how you'll get to and around the small island. Take the time to go through your options now and you'll thank yourself later.


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