Punta Guilarte Beach

While this beach once happily served tourist and some locals, the onsite community has largely been abandoned leaving the beach mostly empty. Visitors who travel down to Punta Guilarte Beach will only find a few islanders who remember it and the occasional outsider who has heard of it. That factor, mixed in with the fact that the beach is rather long, means you will have plenty of privacy here.

Positioned on the island of Puerto Rico, You might want even if you are not staying in the vicinity. Love beach-going but hate the crowds? Extra space is just one of the perks that comes with finding a beach that isn't surrounded by thousands of hotel rooms; the lovely, less-traveled shores of beaches like Punta Guilarte Beach are perfect for getting away from it all.

How to Access The Beach

The beach is just west of the Patillas Airport, and drivers can simply take Expresso Jose Barbosa to the road adjacent to the airport. Taking that road south will lead you right to the beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

The concession stand located here is another lunchtime alternative.

Vacationers can take advantages of picnic tables at this beach, which are perfect for setting up your carry-out food, or just lounging under the sun.

This beach has public restrooms——something you'll appreciate if you spend more than a couple of hours here. Shower facilities are available, so you can rinse off before heading back to your hotel.

Punta Guilarte Beach is in an area which is not near many tourist spots. Thanks to this, the availability of certain amenities likely won't be decreased.

What's Nearby


This pleasant stretch of sand known as Punta Guilarte Beach is on the South East coast of Puerto Rico; this area boasts other attractions such as El Gran Casino, which is one of the most conveniently accessible attractions.

The beach is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following table contains attractions that are the closest.

Activities and Attractions Near Punta Guilarte Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
El Gran Casino Casino 1.9 mi. N Puerto Rico

Cities and Towns

Those visiting Punta Guilarte Beach who are looking for a little additional excitement should think about heading over to Patillas, which is in the vicinity and is a particularly busy area of Puerto Rico. From Punta Guilarte Beach, Patillas is a quick trip away, roughly a mile and a half (three kilometers).


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will vary depending on the time of day, particularly in the high season when hotels overflow with tourists.

Don't anticipate finding any of Puerto Rico's frequently visited hotels and resorts lining this beach, though if you're trying to evade throngs of travelers, the lack of accommodation options will be a welcomed sight.


If you visit the beach around lunchtime this beach has many nearby restaurants, and you don't have to go far from these sands. One of the closest places to eat is Cafeteraa Villa Cafe.

The following table lists places to eat near this beach.

Restaurants near Punta Guilarte Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Cafeteraa Villa Cafe (787) 847-7413 -- -- -- --
Daaz Rivera Nilsa (787) 271-0466 -- -- -- --
Jam's Pizza (787) 271-2082 Italian Very Casual -- --
La Cocina Del Buen Sabor (787) 271-0414 -- -- -- --
Lein Ceng China (787) 839-8686 Chinese -- -- --
Li Li Jing (787) 839-7654 -- -- -- --
Lordemar Restaurant & Apartment (787) 839-7692 -- -- -- --
Mar Sol Y Luna (787) 839-6866 -- -- -- --
Rene BBQ Patillas (787) 271-4650 American, Caribbean Very Casual -- --
Vieques Cafe (787) 839-9585 -- -- -- --
Arroyo Palace Rest Chino (787) 839-2008 Chinese -- -- --
Calzonez Pizza Pizza (787) 271-3139 Italian -- -- --

Other Beaches

Punta Guilarte Beach is just one of many beaches you can visit in Puerto Rico.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is Pesquera Beach, which is located only a short distance away.

There are countless experiences to enjoy in Puerto Rico, and Punta Guilarte Beach offers just one way to spend time outdoors.


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