Petite Martinique Accommodations

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Accessible only by boat, Petite Martinique is an island of less than 1,000 permanent residents and a small tourism industry.  While visitors are always more than welcome, few make the journey to what amounts to a small, close-kit fishing village.  When they do arrive, they'll be greeted with just a handful of hotels, which are actually small guest houses with between one and four rooms apiece. 


There are multiple types of hotels to choose from on and near the island, including two hotels and one resort. Read more information about each of the properties by clicking the names.

Vacationers hoping to stay on Petite Martinique will enjoy properties like Melodies Guest House. Known for its cozy, quiet nature and vistas of the west coast of the island, this guest house is one of the few accommodations available on the island and is fortunately a great place to stay. They're on Main Street.

An excellent option for vacationers interested in accommodations near Petite Martinique is Green Roof Inn. Each unit at Green Roof Inn has been carefully designed to give them each a bit of individuality, though you can expect top amenities, television, air conditioning, a veranda, and views of the ocean no matter where you stay. The Triple Suite has two rooms with private bathrooms and either two twin beds or one double bed. For customers who want to call ahead, you can do so at (473) 443-6399.

Needless to say, you will find other choices too. To get more information about the hotels available, follow this link.

Individual Villas

Certain people always favor the seclusion offered by one of the many privately rented villas. For more information on rental properties within reach of Petite Martinique, use this link.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Though only one nearby accommodation provides all-in-one prices, some people still prefer the added certainty of all-inclusive pricing. There are several reasons why these plans are successful. For example, they let you dodge the need to prepare a detailed budget. The one choice just below is the only all-inclusive property available nearby.

If you prefer staying at a high-end accommodation, Palm Island Resort would be a nice spot to begin your search. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at (866) 237-2157.

Each location may include different amenities in the quoted price. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, investigate to verify what's included in each all-inclusive package.


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