Accommodations on Petite Martinique

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Accessible only by boat, Petite Martinique is an island of less than 1,000 permanent residents and a small tourism industry.  While visitors are always more than welcome, few make the journey to what amounts to a small, close-kit fishing village.  When they do arrive, they'll be greeted with just a handful of hotels, which are actually small guest houses with between one and four rooms apiece. 


There are multiple types of accommodations to select on and near the island, including two hotels and one resort. Click on each link to read additional info.

Travelers looking to stay on Petite Martinique will enjoy opportunities like Melodies Guest House. Known for its cozy, quiet nature and vistas of the west coast of the island, this guest house is one of the few accommodations available on the island and is fortunately a great place to stay. Visitors will find them on Main Street.

Green Roof Inn is a popular option near Petite Martinique. A charming little inn on the equally as charming Carriacou, Green Rood Inn invites guests to make themselves at home in the privacy of a cottage, bungalow, or guest room where they focus on sustainable living without lowering their standard in quality. Guests are invited to remain in a self-contained state, or roam the property, mingle, and make yourself a part of the family. If you'd like to call in advance, do so at (473) 443-6399.

Needless to say, you'll find plenty of other hotels. To reach our detailed page about hotels around Petite Martinique, see this page.

Individual Villas

Some people often prefer the seclusion offered by one of the individual rental properties. To read a more detailed discussion of the individual villa rentals near Petite Martinique, read this article.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Despite the fact that only one nearby booking option offers an all-in-one payment option, some people would rather enjoy the added certainty of paying for everything on a single bill. There are many explanations why this pricing method is popular. For example, they eliminate the need to develop a detailed budget. The one option below is the only all-inclusive property available nearby.

If you prefer to stay at a exclusive property, Palm Island Resort would be a nice place to start your search. If you are looking to call in advance, do so at (866) 237-2157.

Keep in mind that each location may have a different interpretation of "all-inclusive." To avoid an unpleasant surprise, investigate to confirm what's included in the all-inclusive package.


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